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Vacation Trip: #VibrantGujarat and my haul

Hi Everyone, 

Diu Port
Diu Port
Today its all about our summer trip to Gujarat and all what I could gather from the local market there.
This summers my Hubby was in mood to explore #VibrantGujarat and he was back with a travel plan and his travel arrangements done. 
All I was left shop for travel and pack. And we were on our way to Ahmedabad, the first landing point to start with our journey. 
Although it was hot in Gujarat but going to those places and revisiting the tales behind was fun. Most of the prominent tourist attraction places like Akshardham, Somnath Temple,Dwarka temple were all secured with strict arrangements. so could not take a single snap inside but apart from that Diu Beach, Diu Fort and Local market was worth all the pain; bearing the heat under the scorching sun. 
I was desperate to find craft and ethnic stuff which I had heard a lot about since my sis is in Gujarat. And I could somehow grab some amazing local stuff. so today I am sharing snaps of local places and my mini haul which was simply adorable and cant tell how happy I am with these in my hand. 

In a rush to catch our boat, I could not resist and somehow stole a moment to buy these pretty clay stuff from Dwarka bridge. Girls, believe me if you are good at bargaining (unlike me), you will surely get a good deal there and amazing stuff in your hand. Still the shopkeeper was little generous to sell these at my quotes.
1. Clay Diya Stand (INR 60) - house shaped one
2. Little cute Matki (pots) INR 60 for a pair.
3. a bag full of shells at INR 20 from Somnath Beach. 
I missed those super cute mini cup-saucer sets. 
The local Market at Somnath was all flooded with pretty shells, coloured stones and it was tough to choose what to and what not to pick but the sky high prices of each stone and large sized shells, made my job easy :-). Still I can never have enough of it. Atleast those which were pretty & reasonable enough to pick...sigh!

Mini Pots, Diya Stand and shells from Local Market
Mini Pots, Diya Stand and shells from Local Market
Pearl Shell Jewellery-(INR 150) pendent set made by cutting pearl shells and with floral prints on them. It was really cute.

Pendant set made from Pearl Shells
Long back my sister gifted me a bead weave Jhumka and that was a masterpiece. Since then I was searching for bead weave accessories and look what I got- this pretty set which is sure to enhance any kind of ethnic look. I got that for INR 150 (this was price after a long bargain reduced from INR 350 to this)
What do you think?

and now I have got something ultimate to show you, The stone bead bracelets (INR 60 each)- I would have grabbed all the colours at the shop but found only these 3 cuties along with a pretty sindoor daan (INR 50) with vintage floral accents. One just cant have enough of these, isn't it?

I wish I could click some pictures of the magnificent somnath temple and the deep serene sea surrounding the temple; thanks to the security staff. But here are some more pics to share with you all- 
Sasan gir Sanctuary- Devalia National park
Sasan gir Sanctuary- Devalia National park

Sasan gir Sanctuary- Devalia National park
Spotted the lion- so close!!

Diu Fort- Ancient Portugese Jail
Diu Fort- Ancient Portugese Jail
Diu Fort
Diu Fort- roof top jail room
Roof top View of Diu Fort
Roof top View of Diu Fort- can you see those guns lying there

St Tiago Chapel inside Diu Fort
St Tiago Chapel inside Diu Fort 
Diu Fort Jail amidst sea
Diu Fort Jail amidst sea
St. Paul Church, Diu
Ancient St. Paul Church, Diu

Nageshwar Temple- Statue
Nageshwar Jyotirling Temple- Statue
Gujarat was truly vibrant whether it was their colourful chaniya choli or magnificent historical structures standing tall with full grace & beauty or their rich cultural heritage. I was all swayed with the sweet, suave Gujarati Language and had even started speaking before leaving.
Lastly the whole experience would have been more amazing if the #swachhbharatabhiyan would have been seriously followed here too. Still several historical places and structures are dilapidated and left to ruin. Hope #VibrantGujarat stays vibrant, colourful, rich and attractive with its beauty well preserved.


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