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Nivea Total Face Cleanup 5

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Blogging is one such thing which helped me explore and nurture my love for beauty products. I just keep looking for something which would help me pamper and care my skin endlessly. Believe me, i can feel that my skin is far better than people of my age- blogging has made me aware, health conscious, diet conscious and lot more...
Today I am sharing my views about a skin cleanser from Nivea. it is Nivea Total Face Clean Up 5- Wash, Scrub, Pack, Oil Remover and Spot Reducer.

Nivea Total Face Cleanup 5 Review

Price- 50ml/57gms for INR 120. Easily available online and on retail stores.
The reason I picked this tube- it claims be an ALL-IN-ONE product and you dont need 5-6 products for a quick cleanup. 

NIVEA Pure Effect Total Face Cleanup enriched with Active Magnolia Extract provides you 5 benefits for pure and clear skin:
Unclogs pores
Removes blackheads
Reduces spots
Refines skin
Deep cleanses
Total Face Cleanup Regime in 5 Minutes:

Step 1: Apply the product to moistened face by smoothly massaging in upward circles focusing on forehead, nose & chin, avoiding the eye area.
Step 2: Spread evenly across face and leave it on for 3-4 minutes
Step 3: Rinse off with lukewarm water to get the perfect complexion
It can also be used individually as a Face wash every day, as a Scrub 3-4 times a week and as a Pack 2-3 times a week.

Nivea Total Face Cleanup 5 Review

This is a sleek squeezy tube in accents of white and blue. Flip top cap to pull out the product and quite easy to carry while you are away from home.
This is a basically a white clay based cleanser with granules and has a mild floral fragrance.
I usually use this while I am back from office, splash water on my face and apply a thin layer of Nivea Total Face Cleanup 5. Although it is mentioned to keep for 5 mins but its usually 10-15 mins for me as i get involved with my chores meanwhile.
This pack will not dry completely so no stretchiness. This would wash away easily with water but before that I massage with circular movements with my fingertips. The small granules-meant to scrub and exfoliate and not harsh. you can feel them while massaging. 
I could feel my skin is clean, fresh and moisturised. Unlike other clay packs this will not make your skin dry. The scrub particles are gentle but effective for dead skin removal. I wont say that my face glows after using this but it is little hydrating which helps your skin retain the natural glow.
I have used a similar product from Garnier earlier- Garnier Light 3in1 fairness facial and Keracnyl mask. Where Garnier fairness facial was little harsh and use to dry up skin while Keracnyl was a cleaning and anti acne expert.
With Nivea Total Face Cleanup 5, it lies little above than Garnier Fairness facial but matches nowhere to Keracnyl. Still this is good in cleaning and would suit normal to oily and even to dry skin people too. oil Removal- yes of course while Spot removal- I could not find much difference in my acne spots after using this.
Nivea Total Face Cleanup 5 Review

I would say Nivea Total Face Cleanup 5 is a good cleanser and scrub for daily use and a quick cleanup option while you are short of time. 
My Rating- 3.9/5


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