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Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Face Wash for oily skin:Anti Acne Oil control Face wash

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Dry skin at times seems to be a boon, you can apply as many products you want to pamper your skin and never have to worry about the zits which could spoil your skin. I used to have super dry skin (although little sensitive skin) in my teens and I could still remember all possible kind of masks, ubtans and creams I used to apply..... Anyways now since I have oily to combination skin and am a blogger too, little more aware about skin types, issues, harmful effects of chemicals etc so more cautious about my skin care & make up picks. 
Today i will be sharing a product which is not new to market but it was lying somewhere in my shelf and recently i have started using this. 

Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Face Wash for oily skin:Anti Acne Oil control Face wash Review

Today its a skin care product from one of my favourite brands- Lotus Herbals. I have liked most of their products and even reviewed some of my HG ones earlier like Lotus Herbals Alphamoist oil free moisturiser
This is Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Wash - Tea Tree and Cinnamon Anti Acne Oil Control Face wash from +Lotus Herbals . 
Price- 120 gms for 175 INR. Available on all online and retail counters. 
But it here.
Specially formulated for acne prone & oily skin. The anti acne oil control face wash contains Tea Tree Oil and Cinnamon and Oak Bark extracts which remove excessive oil while regulating the sebum (oil) production in the skin. These special ingredients in this premium face wash decrease these acne type lesion and combat free radicals leaving the skin fresh, clean and clearer. 
The Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Face wash comes packed in a squeezy flip cap tube. 
Signature Packaging of Lotus Herbals- in colours of Yellow and green with key ingredients image printed. Details about the product, usage and ingredients is clearly mentioned at back of tube. Packaging is simple and sturdy. 
While the face wash is a clear transparent gel with white micro beads suspended in it. Gel is runny and one needs to be little cautious while drawing it out. 
Active Herbal Ingredients- 
Tea Tree Oil- Powerful Antimicrobial, Anti acne, Anti Oxidant, fights skin infections.
Oak Bark- Astringent and healing properties.
This list of entire other ingredients is also mentioned. It is actually disappointing to find SLS/paraben in herbal products as it is here. Find the entire list of ingredients in the image given below.
Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Face Wash for oily skin:Review

Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Face Wash for oily skin:Review

It smells majorly of tea tree oil and gel when applied on wet face lathers well. Micro beads gives gentle exfoliation and while the gel cleans up the skin of all dirt and grease.
Still you wont feel your face dry and stretchy devoid of natural oil and moisture. 
My face was all clean and oil free for long 5-6 hours when I was at home (outdoors, we apply so much of layers of protection that its hard to say if actually keeps the skin oil free). 
While for acne, I will not attribute my clear skin only to this but it surely helps in controlling acne and minor redness and inflammations. If you are having any active pimple, this wont clear it up instantly but would slowly help in drying.
I am actually liking this face wash although it gets finished quickly and I am definitely going for a repurchase along with the Acne gel from the range.
This reminds me of my most loved face scrub -The Body Shop Squeaky Clean Scrub and I can say it is a budgeted dupe of the same. 

Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Face Wash for oily skin:Review

Overall The Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Wash is an effective formulation which not only cleanses well but has anti Acne and oil control properties too. Highly Recommended!
My Rating- 4.75/5 


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