Thursday, 29 June 2017

Empties#6...past few months

Current Empties- Mini Reviews

its really so difficult to collect the empties when you one of those who just can not tolerate garbage. I always use to throw most of my empties by habit and later start finding them only to find that they are already thrown.....!!!!
So there is always a long list in every of my empties post. Rather its again a long list this time.
1. Garnier fairness Facial 3 in 1- This was probably my first 3 in 1 mask cum face wash. it did pretty well as mask and scrub. Read full review here.
2. Hyalugel from Ethicare Remedies- I bought this with lots of expectations but sadly the gel didn't work for my skin. left this using midway and it expired....
3. Lotus Teatree Face wash- I really loved it. The transparent gel with tiny exfoliating beads and teatree extracts is a great choice for oily to combination skin. Read full review here

4. Himalaya Herbals Almond and Cucumber peel off pack- bought this but later got convinced that peel off masks usually aggravates wrinkles in mature skin. So just left this. 
5. Oriflame Giordani perfume- I am a fan of this range of fragrance. Must try. Read full review here
6. BayBerry perfume- I bought this from a local store. This brand was new for me, never heard of but Sales person convinced me to try. This was strong floral with musky touch. anyways it was just Okay. 
7. Fiama di Wills Shower gel in Brazilian Orange and Ginseng- One of my favorite citrus fragances in shower gel. its great to try. Read full review here
8. Himalaya Baby Shampoo- Do I need to say anything about this. Something which has not been replaced as yet (for me and my kid too) Read full review here
9. Bon Organics Herbal Shampoo- If you are following my blog. I have reviewed this shampoo- 100% natural and suitable for all hair types. Your hairs would thank you for that. Read full review here
10. Bon Organics Herbal Conditioner- The first ever 100% natural gel based conditioner which is neither too heavy nor too light for hairs. If you are looking for a nice conditioner a good herbal conditioner, whatever your hair type be- go for this. I have already stocked bottles. Read full review here
11. Aroma Treasures Tea Tree Essential Oil- I can hardly think of a day where i am zero at my oils stock. I have 5-10 types of essential oils at a time for my DIY's and Tea tree oil is a must have, never let this go out of stock. Have already purchased a new bottle. 
12. Facemed vitamin C gel from Ethicare remedies- Vitamin C gel which claims to fight dark spots and signs of aging. Again before i could properly use and give my verdict, it expired. No plans for repurchase as i am not relying more on natural products. 
13. Lotus Herbals YouthRx Gineplex Serum +Cream- This is a great product to try. Not that its magical but is nice option to keep skin supple and hydrated. But could not find any significant anti aging effects. 
14. Mitti Se Wild Essence Face Scrub- As i said in my review, this is more of Scrub cum cleanser. All natural, mild and effective formula for all skin types. i loved it. But beware. not to keep this is bathroom else would be spoiled due to moisture as it happened in my case. Read more about this here.
15. Moiz LMF 48 from Glowderma- hidden in pics (sorry for that) light weight medicated mositurriser prescribed by my Derma. Its really great one for oily to combination skin. Its feathery light and just disappears leaving the skin soft and hydrated within next few seconds. Must Try. 
16. Himalaya Herbals Men Power Glow Licorice face wash- although its for Men but even i liked using this. It not only cleans well but works on spots and blemishes too. Read full review here
17. Loreal Paris Skin perfect Cream 40+- Whatever age category you choose, it works. Nice cream cum moisturiser, adds subtle healthy glow immediately after application. I still keep a mini travel size tube with me. Highly Recommended!. Read full review of 30+ Cream here
18. Forest Essentials Hand Pounded Scrub- This is a nice scrub, finished the sample which i received in one of the Beauty Subscription boxes. Loved it. I loved the cute packaging.
19.Forest Essentials Iced pomegranate and kerala Lime body mist- One of the unique and captivating fragrances i have ever used. i am planning to repurchase.
20. Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser- I can sing songs on this mild and effective cleanser. Highly Recommended! Read Full review here.
21. Moha Moisturising lotion for dry skin- This is again a good moisturiser for face and body both. Must Try. I was in love with this brand and even had organised a giveaway of the box. Read more about this here
22. Biotique Green Apple baby shampoo- This a new shampoo i tried for my kid. I am yet to review this but a natural and worth trying option for sure.
23. Oriflame Aimi Body mist in Whispering Breeze- I am a fan of this fragrance and have probably emptied 3-4 bottles till now. Highly Recommended! Read full review here.
24. Patanjali Keshkanti Aloevera Cleanser- I have been using Patanjali products since long and have been loving almost all of them but this is one of the few exceptions which did not work in my case. 
25. Tresemme Smooth and Shine Conditioner- This conditioner is one of the few conditioners which lives upto its claims. Worked great on my dry frizzy hairs. Read full review here.

So this was a snip snap review of my empties. Hope you liked it. 
What has been your recent empties which you liked and planning to buy again??? Share as i would love reading and knowing your favourites too.

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