Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Summer Escape- Jaipur-Part 2

Hi all the gorgeous ladies, 

This post is in addition to my previous post of Jaipur Visit which continues here with my Haul. You may see my previous post here.
This time its all about my jewelry haul from Jaipur. 
customised one...love those flowers
its hard to control yourself when you see those beautiful pieces at Bapu Bazaar and Johri Bazaar. Hailing from a typical rajasthani marwari culture, i have this inclination to traditional oxidised jewelry and i could not control myself as soon as i saw them. i went on and on till the friend of mine just yelled at me that .....Megha, its OK yaar, its not the last day of your life.
I was soooo happy that i could lay my hands on them. Moreover purchased some Decor items too like the famous jaipuri quilt cum bed-cover and some wall-art pieces etc. but this time its all about my favourite jewels..... This is also one of the major reasons i would like to visit Jaipur again. I purchased these from a Government recognised art collection shop. Have a look
Earrings with Snake design neck piece

studs..aren't they beautiful?

those lovely white earings and a trendy bangle


My pretty Bangles....
these are pretty and enough to accentuate your ethnic look. Do try them if you get a chance as they are available online too but at higher rates.

What do you think about this collection of mine?


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