Thursday, 5 November 2015

Festive Preps: DIY Hair Oil for strong and shiny hairs

Hi Girls, 

In my Festive Series, today its an hair oil which i have been using lately. 
Why an hair Oil?
Of course your festive look is not complete without nice shiny tresses. 
This is a home made preparation which worked immensely for my dry and dull hairs. 
I am sharing the recipe as this would surely help you to groom and shine your hairs for the upcoming festival looks.

All you need is - 
Base Oil - 
100 ml Sesame Cold pressed Oil
100 ml Coconut Cold Pressed Oil (replace with evening primrose/almond oil for oily scalp)
10 ml Castor Oil
10 ml Olive Oil
10 ml Mustard Oil
You can also use 200 ml of the Oil  as base which is shared as the one to stimulate hair growth here.

Essential Oils- 
1. Lavender Oil- 15 drops ; soothes and nourishes the scalp. Also helps in inflammatory scalp conditions. It is an anti depressant too.
2. Rosemary Oil- 25 drops; packed with antioxidants stimulates blood flow in the scalp and promotes hair growth.
3. Geranium Oil- 10 drops; this sweet smelling oil would help you relax while massaging and the antioxidants repairs damaged and dull hair follicles.
4. Ylang Ylang Oil- 15 drops; the natural antiseptic and tonic properties of this oil aids in healthy scalp maintenance.
You can also add 10-15 drops of Tea Tree oil to eliminate scalp infections or if you have oily scalp.

Some herbs- 
1. Few dried Indian Hibicus Leaves, petals and twigs; it has great conditioning and hair fall arresting properties.
2. Few pieces of crushed camphor; to treat scalp infections.

Mix the essential oils in the base oils at normal temperature and add the herbs in empty bottle and fill the oil in the bottle. Leave this preparation for 2-3 days and then store this in a cool dry place.



This is chemical free, herbal solution for all your hair problems.
I am using this oil since last 2-3 months and noticed considerable improvement in my hair quality. They are shiny and strong.  
Dryness is reduced although i wont say that its only because of the oil but i can say that only serums and conditioners wont work if your hairs are not strong and nourished from inside.
Your diet also matters in that case as good intake of proteins and iron surely helps.

Try this oil in small batch for 10-15 days and massage on your scalp along with covering the hairs till end. Leaving overnight is the best way. Notice the visible difference in your hairs.
So stay stylish and pretty all this festive season.


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