Monday, 2 November 2015

Festive Preps: My Body Detox the traditional way

Hi All, 

Today i am starting with Festive Prep Series for this festival season where i will share some personal experiences with trials, DIY's and some recipes to prep ourselves natural way and look beautiful with an healthy inner glow.
Lately i have been fighting with lot of skin issues and also had some other health troubles too. So i decided to start with a BODY DETOX but a little traditional way- along with my fasting (which i tried during this Navratri till karwa chauth) for clean and healthy body system. This is something i tried in my attempt to stay fit and healthy.

How i did it? I followed a strict regime (for trial) and happy to find that it worked. There is no rocket science behind but just a simple way of cleaning the body without starving. Lets see how-

1. Start your day- get up and start with  1-2 glass full of lukewarm water with honey & lemon in the morning.

2. Warm up and a little yoga- make sure to practice yoga and meditation for at least 30 mins per day. Avoid heavy work outs- just 10 cycles of Surya Namaskara is enough. This is a great way to burn the fat deposits from your body.

3. Falahar (fruits diet)- add lots of fruits and nuts in your lunch. Try to have a bowl of fruits, but whole fruits like 1 orange, 1 apple/guava, 2 banana and a handful cashew, walnuts, almonds or peanuts with jaggery. Follow it up with full glass of fat milk (not skimmed). 

4. Keep yourself hydrated- Body needs good amount of liquid to flush away toxins and keep the body cells hydrated so drink as much liquid (water/juices/smoothies) as you can. Green Tea is one of the best options to try if you are trying to loose body fat/weight.
5. Pooja- you will be surprised to read "pooja". This is the best time to practice self control and worshipping the god, chanting mantras and omkar jaap helps you to meditate and experience the divine power in yourself. This enhances your ability to focus and increases will power. (as i have experienced).
6. End up with a wholesome meal- take whole but light meals in dinner. i prefer a fariyali/phalahari paratha with a bowl of curd (since i was on a fast) You can also think of other lighter options like dalia/mordhan etc.
Concentrate on light meals and more on liquid intake. Try and drink as much water as you can. I wont say 8-10 glass or something. it entirely depends on your body.
The traditional system in India calls it - Vrat/upvas (fasting). This helped me a great way to  normalise my digestive system and i got my glowing skin back. This surely boosts your metabolism levels and takes you ahead with your fitness routine.

This is one of the simpler ways to follow a detox regime. Although I do not advocate any kind of dieting but a balanced diet with a proper combination  of exercise does work. Hope i could have better results in coming days. (in loosing weight too)
What is your way to keep yourself healthy and fit? please do share in the comments below.


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