Saturday, 10 September 2016

Crystal Heels//Comfortwear-Slip ons

Hi Girls, 
Local Shopping- Cyrstal Heels Slip Ons

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!
The word just excites, isnt'it but I guess its usually for we Women. For me, shopping is fun, adventure but more than that- stressbuster. If in stress, I prefer shopping and I am all sorted, strange??? I don't think so. 
I can shop for hours, days and keep on going till I find my kind of stuff. But my choices end up to utility and comfort and then I don't mind compromising with brand too. That's how you never know where you may end up catching great treasure!!
This time my local shopping at Vikram Tower, Sapna Sangeeta Road in Indore was WOW! I  was wandering how come I did not come to this place while staying in Indore since years. Anyways this time it was dresses, rakhis, bangles and lot of chunky Jewels. But what I loved was SALE, yes! Sale on a footwear shop. 
I spotted these Slip Ons but then...that day I was so packed up that somehow resisted from buying. But thought of loosing the pair could not let me sleep. 
So going back to the market but luckily stopped by my cousin's place and while discussing the marketplace and stuff, she reaffirmed my choice and then this SLIP ON was in my hand.

Local Shopping- Cyrstal Heels Slip Ons

Local Shopping- Cyrstal Heels Slip Ons

Local Shopping- Cyrstal Heels Slip Ons

Now little more about this Slip Ons- from Crystal Heels. 
Price- 1300 INR and I got it a discount for 900 INR (I actually tried bargaining but then again failed!) Anyways I did not want to loose so paid for it. 
These are off white slip ons with wedge sole and silver base & straps. 
They are strappy comfy slip Ons having wedgy/platforms heels. The straps gives an easy grip and  are comfortable. The sole is extremely light in weight with back anti-slip curve and the best part- its sequins, diamonds and pearls studded straps are so pretty. I love wearing with all my casual outfits and some Indo-western ones too. 
Just wear them and you won't even feel you are wearing it. Till then....Love you all.

By the way, Do you also like local or street shopping, something different from usual brands?? Whats your favourite local market for shopping?


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