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Fabindia Fragrances- Citrus Rush Body Spray and Wild Rose Perfume Oil

Fabindia Fragrances- Citrus Rush Body Spray and Wild Rose Perfume Oil Review

Hi All, 
Waiting at Airport for flight gives you real good chance to explore amazing stuff for Window shopping and who would say- No. 
While my friend was busy looking for bluetooth speakers and spent lot of time trying and testing the available brands and options, I spotted the small store- fabindia . Although fabindia has store in Indore too but I hardly get time to go there. 
The fabindia counter was too small with limited stock, I am a fan of their stuff from clothes to accessories but somehow I always close on- personal care products. 
This time What I got- Body Spray in Citrus Rush and Perfume Oil in Wild Rose. 
I am using these since I have purchased them and its been a month now, guess can review them now. So here it is-
Fabindia Citrus Rush Body SprayReview

Body Spray in Citrus Rush (225 INR for 100 ml). Buy Here
This is small transparent spray bottle with label in yellow and details of the product on it. 
Spray bottle is an ordinary but sturdy one to carry in bag. 
Directions for use: Spray all over body. Do not use on open wounds or broken skin.
I was disappointed to see Alcohol in the list as was expecting this to be a concoction of essential aroma oils or something of the sort. Infact details of ingredients like % and type of ingredients etc. 
Now talking about fragrance - it is mix of Citrus and floral ones. The citrus notes would suit men as well as women too. This is sweet aroma which is not overpowering still stays quite long, say 6+ hours after which it fades but does not vanish. You can smell the scent lingering on your clothes later on too. This is pleasant, cool and refreshing. This will not irritate or burn the skin but still I prefer applying them on clothes in layers. This is an ideal spray for daily use which will not bother others while keeps you awake and energised day long.
Fabindia Wild Rose Perfume Oil Review

Perfume Oil in Wild Rose (290 INR for 10ml) buy here
Perfume oils have sweet lingering aroma. The fine delicate blends of essential oils used in these fragrances creates an all pervasive pleasant mood. These oils are free from paraffins, phthalates and harmful chemicals and so are safe to use. 
This time I as little happy to see the claims and ingredients list, infact now I was excited to try.
Directions for Use- Dab on the 'pulse points' for long lasting fragrance through the day. The perfume can be applied through a few strands of hair as hair holds the fragrance much longer. 
This was the first time I was using perfume oil. The only fragrance I could find on the counter was 'wild rose' though I am not huge fan of rose scent but then I do not desist this not to try. 
The perfume oil comes packed in a small roll on applicator vial.This is so handy and I keep this in my bag all time. 
Just apply as directed on your pulse points, preferably just after bath (as I do the same). Fortunately this is the one which can be applied directly on skin. But beware as it would stain a little which is easily visible on light colored clothes ( I had to bleach my white kurta after using this)
The perfume ' wild rose' is all roses like holding bunch of roses in your hand. This is mild and pleasant and more of a feminine one. My friend commented that it might be too strong like rose incense sticks and the thought of the smell scared me but this was nowhere close to it. This Rose fragrance is so calming, deep and relaxing. This fragrance really lasts long, somewhere around 8+ hours and if you sweat heavy then keep this handy. Since it has oil base so wont harm your skin at all. I have yet not tried this on my hairs so far but soon try them on my hairs too. 
I am not sure if others may feel it but this keeps you fragrant and every single wave of air revives the scent on you. 
I am in love with this. I am planning to try other variants - musk, jasmine, cypress. Hope I could lay my hands on them soon. 

Overall these Fabindia Fragrances- Citrus Rush Body Spray and Wild Rose Perfume Oil are real good options as daily fragrances. They have an amazing longevity and pleasantly sweet aroma. Highly Recommended!
My Rating- Citrus Rush Body Spray- 4.9/5, Wild Rose perfume oil- 5/5

Have you ever tried Fabindia Fragrances? how did you find them? Any other perfume oil you like besides these?


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