Friday, 5 September 2014

Keraceutics Conditioning Cream...Repair & Rescue- Review

Hi Girls, 

  1. How many times a week do you have BAD hair days?
  2. How many times a week do you opt for Hair spa or other hair maintenance treatments?
  3. Do you regularly use tools like Straighteners, Curlers or Blow dryers?
  4. What is your best way to handle BAD hair days?

if you ask me, I often have bad hair days, reason being i have thin, dry, frizzy and curly hairs. 
Hair Spa or treatments...hardly once or twice a month ( we the poor working ones, dont have time to pamper ourselves). No, i dont use any tools. My best way to handle BAD hair days is to oil them well and tie in a nice style like braids etc.
But thats not all, the question agains remains unanswered - how to handle BAD hair days, i would say, start using some good remedies like hair spa at home (on weekends), deep conditioning/masks and using best shampoos and Conditioners along with a good hair oil.
 Last time i tried KERACEUTICS Conditioning Cream as per my Derma prescribed for my extremely Dry & Frizzy hair. So after about to finish the entire one, thought of sharing my views with you all.

While undergoing treatment for severe hair fall, my doctor suggested that i should use this- KERACEUTICS conditioning cream to reduce the dryness and frizziness of my hair. So when the doctor himself suggested it has to be something truly Good. Under the impression i purchased it and was really excited to try this.

Product Description- Indian product manufactured and marketed by Cosmoderm India.
Keraceutics Conditioning Cream- Intensive Hair Care, repair & rescue
Helps Reduce hair loss and promotes beautiful and Healthy hair.

Quantity and price- 150 gms at 299 INR. (buy online) it is usually available at drugstores.

Acetyl Cysteine, Acetyl Methionine, O-Panthenol, Panthenyl Ethyl Ether, Inositol, and Hydrolyzed wheat proteins- reading the content list i was confused that how can so many chemicals would help but then most of the hair products have a chemical content list and every time you cant expect only organic or vegan products free of chemicals.

Product Packaging- it comes in a PINK carton box (sorry could not take the picture, misplaced it). It comes in a plastic PINK Tub with an inner transparent lid to prevent spillage and upper screw cap. I actually dont like tubs or jars untill they are have henna or body ubtan which needs to be scooped out only once at a time. otherwise a tube pack is always preferred being easy and hygienic.

Texture and Fragrance- it is thick gel like cream and white in colour. Fragrance is too strong, like a a cheap local scent which is really unbearable. Also it stays quite long for a day or two on your hairs.

Direction for Use- Use Keraceutics Hair Conditioning cream at least 3 times a week or as advised. After cleansing your hair, take Keraceutics cream on your palm and apply/massage gently onto full hair length and scalp, avoiding the eyes. Allow cream to penetrate the hair and scalp skin for 2-5 minutes to nourish hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly till water runs clear.

My experience- the very first experience as i opened the jar...yuck, i was - oh god, i need to apply this- smell was too strong but since doctor prescribed. I had to. I took a good amount can say a dollop size and applied it lavishly on my hair length and scalp. (on Scalp! initially i was confused is it a conditioner or mask?) but then it was written to apply on scalp so i did. I used to keep it for 2-3 minutes on my hair and then rinse it well. Left with strong smell on my hair and hairs quite soft but no major instant effect on dryness or frizz. i had to keep my hairs open so that smell fades soon.It spreads not that well and for average length like mine, you need considerable amount to apply.
Later after using for a month i was left disappointed that it neither conditioned well nor removed even a bit Dryness or frizz from my hairs. Hair loss, cant say as i was using multiple products like hair oil, serum, hair lotion and some pills as suggested by doctor.

Overall, this is a below Average product for me and i am not gonna try something like this again. Even for using this, try and consult your doc first as it was a prescription for me too.

Till then, take Care.


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