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Budget Bargains- JOY Honey and Almonds Nourishing Body Lotion...Review

Hi All, 

You all might be watching the TV ad- 'poshan wala lotion' these days. Thats the JOY Honey and Almonds Body lotion- lotion with nourishment of Honey and Almonds from +joycosmetics 

Almond has been considered one of the best nourishment food source and holds a great significance in indian ayurvedic and herbal skin & hair nourishing treatments.
I loved Aroma Magic's Almond lotion and while checking out body lotions, i purchased this last year looking into the thick consistency and quantity given. Onset of Winter's make you search all good options for winter care be it body or face. And a good Body lotion is a must. In India we have very few options available in this category.

About Company- 
The brand 'JOY' might not be that popular but being an INDIAN brand and it has gained popularity and captured market quite soon.
Joy Cosmetics was conceived in 1988 by its promoters in Kolkata. The Joy basket consists of a wide range of personal care products, focused on skincare and haircare segments with Skin Fruits, Honey & Almonds, and 24K Gold as the power brands. The products are enriched with the goodness of Ayurveda, the age-old science based on active natural ingredients. The company believes in providing high quality products to its consumers at the best prices. The quality and packaging of Joy products are unparalleled with the prices at which they are offered to the consumers.
for more info visit here.

Product Description- 
  • Contains Almond Oil and Honey extracts that nourish complexion and protect skin from dryness. Enriched with Vitamin E and Natural Sunscreen.
  • Keeps skin fresh and hydrated.
  • Improves skin texture and appearance
As per company site it is also voted as 'Product of the Year' by Consumer Survey of Product Innovation in year 2013.

Product Packaging- 
it comes in a large opaque ova-rectangular plastic bottle. Secured with plastic flip cap and sturdy. Never noticed any breakage or spillage. Packaging is not very attractive but is hassle free. Keep a 50 ml one in your bag and forget it.

As per company claims- Our products are made from naturally derived ingredients and are enriched with an impeccable combination of the finest grade of herbal, plant and fruit extracts, plant based oils and pure grade essential oils, sea salts as well as anti-oxidant rich vitamins and oils to provide face, hair and body protection and enhancing the hidden beauty.
The ingredient lists says- 

Not completely Natural, long list of chemicals and contains Parabens too.

Product Quantity and Price- 
Available in - 50, 100, 300 & 500 ml sizes. I got 500 ml at 165 INR. Quite Reasonably priced, isn't it? Availble at all retail counters in India and Online too.

Product Texture and Fragrance- 
As soon as i took a small dollop on my palm for trial i was impressed to see the thick imulsion and next moment it was in my bag. Fragrance..yup its little strong which even lingers for a little long.

My Experience- 
As i said, its a thick emulsion (reminds me of condensed milk) which spreads well and you need small amount as compared to other lotions, for your body. Soon after application, its absorbed and no greasiness or stickiness remains. Your skin is smooth, shiny and pampered for next 7-8 hours. There are so many lotions with the same ingredient list and with similar claims too available in the market and only few actually lives up to the claims; but it actually delivers the nourishment (poshan). 
I used to apply this after bath in the morning and before sleeping. Even i found this good for my kiddo too. I apply this in the morning and then no worries for rest of the day. Although they claim to have sunscreen but did not notice much of the sun shielding effect. I would suggest using a good sunscreen too. 
Only downside is the strong fragrance which may bother sensitive noses, also that its not natural/herbal.

Overall, its truly a BUDGET BARGAIN with impressive results and that too at a very reasonable price.  Recommended!


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