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Day & Night- Eye Creams from Lotus Nutraeye & Rahul Phate's Mohini Under Eye Cream....Review

Hi Girls,
Today i am sharing my Eye Care regime for Winters. Hectic working life with high exposure to Sun-rays, pollution and sitting infront of Computer for long hours are enough to bring those crow feets or dark circles around your eyes.
My current regime involves a little care with these personal care products apart from routine yoga, home remedies and a conscious diet to take care of my eyes.
I am using Lotus Herbals Nutraeye Rejuvenating and Correcting gel from +Lotus Herbals for DAY & 
Rahul Phate's Mohini eye cream for NIGHT.

Lotus Herbals Nutraeye Rejuvenating an Correcting Gel- its a transparent gel and is very light to use for day time. I apply this post wash on my eye area. its not sticky to attract dust, within few minutes of application, its absorbed. 
Read full review of the cream here.

Rahul Phate's Mohini Under Eye Cream- This brand is quite popular in certain states like M.P and Maharashtra. it has gained popularity more in professional salon treatments and offers few personal use products too. 
Rahul Phate’s Research Products includes a range of Spa, Trichology and Skin care products. The range includes Ayurvedic treatment products and the cosmetic range. These products are derived from extensive research of Mr. Rahul Phate. Know more about the company here.

Product Description- (as mentioned on Co. site)- 
Skin Strengthening Protective Cream:

Product Features:
* Contains Aloe juice- Aloe has skin    repairing properties.
* Dark circles around the eyes are basically due to dryness, Aloe juice    repairs hydration of the skin.
* Wheat Germ oil provides antioxidant    properties, which along with aloe juice    reduces the dryness and darkness.
* Mohini cream has skin softening and hydrating properties for under eye skin.
* Causes repair and reducing darkness of the skin. 
* Mohini works just in about one hour, and remember under eye creams must not be kept on the skin for more then 1 hour..

Method of use:
Clean the dry skin around the eyes with Nirmal. Apply Mohini Cream around the eyes with gentle massage. Keep applied for about one hour. Wipe off with wet tissue.

Product Quantity and Price- 25 gms for 120 INR. Availability could be a problem as it is not available online (as far as i know) and can only be sourced through salon professional or few retail counters.

Product Packaging- simple packaging with white opaque tube with screw cap. tube is opaque so hard to assess the quantity left ans also screw caps tends to deposit creams around which is not hygenic so needs cleaning after every application which is not possible every time. Sturdy enough to carry and travel.

Texture and Fragrance- its a thick cream but not greasy or oily. its easily absorbed after little massage. No prominent fragrance to bother.

Ingredients- Aloe Vera and Triticum Sativus in a Cream Base. its not tested on Animals and Ayurvedic therapeutic ingredients. Expires after 3 years of Manufacturing. 

My Take- My first exposure to Rahul Phate was through my Salon Therapist. She recommended this to me and i am using some of those products since last 2-3 years. This eye cream is one of those which worked pretty well on me. i have oily lids and few lines under my eyes although not much of dark circles. But my eyes and skin are too sensitive and easily develops irritation. I take a small quantity, say a drop size for my eye and massage it around my eyes. I keep it overnight (although it needs to be wiped but i am too lazy to do that)
After using this i found no reaction rather improvement in under eye skin area. Also my lids were little firm and i could find a visible glow and improvement on my under eye lines. Tiredness is gone the very next morning & i could feel my skin soft and hydrated
But do not expect miraculous results in few days, it needs consistent application, say a month or so to find the visible difference. For dark Circles, cant say as i don't have. Basically its a eye care cream but not an anti aging one to combat all signs of aging.

Overall i can say i am pretty satisfied with these two creams till i do not find better options. I would Recommend these creams to people with all skin types.
My Rating- for Rahul Phate Mohini under eye cream- 4/5 (-1 for packaging)

What is your eye care regime for winters?


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