Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Welcome Winters with Wipro Safewash.....Review

Hi All,

Winters are here...and all my winter wears are out. The first thing which comes to mind is washing and santizing year old stored woolen wears.
My family is hyper allergic to dust and other foreign particles. The very first thing I do is washing and then drying them in Sun.I remember my mom using bath soaps for delicate and woolen clothes which was replaced by liquid detergent later.
I am using Wipro SAFEWASH from +Wipro since last so many years and now sharing my views on the same.

Wipro Safewash liquid detergent Review

Product Description-
Woolens, silks and delicate fabrics require special care during wash to ensure they remain new for long. Presenting Wipro Safewash, a 7 benefits expert liquid detergent enriched with the goodness of Neem to give expert care to your family's woolens, Silks and delicate clothes.

Safewash's unique pH formula does not contain soda or bleach hence giving clothes a gentle yet effective wash. its advanced active conditioners keep them soft, fluffy and looking like new.

7 Benefits of Expert Care-
  1. Protects Colour
  2. No Shrinkage
  3. Germ Free Protection
  4. Fresh Fragrance
  5. Soft feel
  6. Gentle wash
  7. Retains Shine

Washing Instructions- 
Use Wipro Safewash for sweaters, shawls, mufflers, silks, chiffons, lingerie, baby clothes and other fine fabrics as per standard washing instructions of the garment.
1. Mix one capful Wipro Safewash in a half bucket (10 liters) of water. Stir up a rich lather. Soak your clothes for 10-15 minutes. Squeeze gently. Rinse and dry in shade. Do not wring.
2. Wipro Safewash can also be used in top loading Washing Machines.

Price and Quantity- 
500 gms for 165 INR. I got it in offer of 1+1 along with a Santoor Handwash 200 gms refill pouch free. Its available at all retail counters in India. can be sourced online too.
Product Packaging- 
Sturdy packaging- mint green plastic bottle with screw cap. Cap serves measuring purpose too. Comes with an inner seal under the cap to ensure no spillage.

Texture and Fragrance-  
pearl colored thick liquid with a basic soapy smell, although its replaced with a fresh smell after clothes are dried.

My Take- It claims to contain Neem and also free of Soda & bleach but ingredient list is not mentioned. So cant say about the germ protection.
I started using this when i had to wash my toddlers clothes, i purchased this since it was at a lower price than the leading liquid detergent in the market and Wipro was also gaining trust in the market.
I usually wash all my delicate fabrics, Woolens and my Kiddo's clothes with it. I use it in Washing Machine usually as i am always short of time to handwash. 
it cleans all the clothes well and also does not alter colour or softness of the clothes. Also never noticed any shrinkage but yes material which do not have fast color should but be washed without a pre- wash colour fix test. 
I did not find any difference between the Safewash and other leading brand cleaning-its all same.

Overall Comparatively affordable liquid detergent with a good payoff like any other leading brand in the market. 

Rating- 4/5 (-1 for missing ingredient list)

so move out and enjoy your winters....


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