Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Oriflame Beauty All-Over Makeup Remover...Review

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its Again my Favorite Oriflame Beauty All-Over Makeup Remover..from +Oriflame India 
I am using this since last 2-3 months and now feel its the right time to share my views on this.

Product Description-
An improved formula that efficiently removes all non-long lasting face and eye make-up whilst being kind to delicate eye area. Your skin is left feeling soft and refreshed and you feeling like a million dollars! Efficiently removes wonder lash Mascara.

Product Packaging- Pretty package; Transparent purple plastic bottle with inner drip lid and a screw cap. Free from breakage or spillage. Easy to assess quantity left. Tightly packed to carry and travel.

Product Price and Quantity- INR 379 for 100 ml. Can be sourced through Oriflame Sales representatives and also online on Amazon. Keep looking for monthly offers by Oriflame, i got it at INR 329 in an offer.

Texture, Colour and Fragrance- 
Transparent watery fluid with a pleasant mild smell.

Ingredients- it contains parabens and other preservatives.

My Experience- i usually apply this with cotton wool on my face. It easily removed all kinds of makeup, waterproof ones too. it was easy on my eyes, removed liners and mascara without much effort. No stinging or irritation to my sensitive skin. Even tried cleaning my kajal-from waterline. Also was mild enough not to rob moisture of my face. Never noticed any makeup residue. Although i prefer washing my face with a mild cleanser after cleaning makeup but can opt for plain water splash in hurry.
I always used cleaning milks or Oil cleansing (refer to my post here for Oil Cleansing Method) but now keeping this is my stash for fast removal.

Overall Nice affordable makeup cleansing option for those who hate milks and oil based cleansers. Highly Recommend!


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