Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Me Womaniya....My Selling Experience with OLX.in....Review

Hi Girls, 

Watching Ads on TV and relying on the information and sources are two different things for me. Never gave serious thought to atleast this ad till......

Its been 2 years we have shifted to our new apartment. Moving from a rented to Own apartment was a great achievement and fun too. Packing your stuff and leaving your cherished memories behind in that old abode yours was a mix of excitement and regrets....wish could pack those memories too.
But in all the rush to move, we just gathered everything we had 'collected' in those years. 

I was planning ways to furnish my new dwelling my way...you know rented homes do not give you much space & liberty to start a fresh...but when we woke up next day in our new home...we realised it was packed with 'not needed' items. 
We started sorting items and kept all that 'not needed' in one room out of which one major item was a old bed - old times-Takhat, of old teak wood. 
Being an utilitarian i always look for utility stuff be it for personal use or for other domestic purposes. I was actually looking for storage bed which should not consume much space rather store a lot of other stuff within. But for that you need to get rid of the old stuff.
We tried all possible modes and channels like traders of old items, Kabadi wala to some old acquaintances & what not.

One day i while chatting with one of my junior colleagues and she vouched for +OLX India and how she got her Scooty through OLX and she was pretty happy with the deal. So the same day i got OLX app on my mobile.

OLX site & app review

I was surprised to see how it was- to navigate and upload your stuff. You just need the stuff and obviously net connection and you are done!

Very first thing you come across several categories under which you can sell and buy things. An ad of current items on sale in your location.- yup you can find something of your choice too. 

For selling....just 3 steps- 
1. Take a pic of the stuff and upload
2. Select the category---i was surprised to find 'Pet' category, i mean wow you can easily locate & buy a terrier or a bulldog puppy. I even saw that Kids and Baby category and was regretting that recently i scrapped my kiddos 2 prams as i got tired of storing them.
3. Describe your item
4. Add info with quoted price and tada....its done!
Still after putting an ad i was not sure about the sale or inquiry even.

OLX site & app review

but to my surprise we got 10-15 inquiries per day for every item we had put an ad for.
The best part- Within next 2 days, we got a 'decent' buyer to convert those 'not needed' to 'needed' ones. No hassles of Negotiation or an hankie-pankie buyer. Get the buyer to your doorstep. Superhappy with those bucks in my pocket and a free space too for new wannabes.

OLX site & app review

You know guys like in other countries we do not have garage sales or Ikea hits to furnish your home in budget so i found these online classifieds, that too on mobile quite handy and useful.

Although i have not purchased any stuff from OLX as yet but while browsing current sales, i am sure i would be able to find something in Services/hobbies category.

OLX site & app review

Overall, OLX is one of the best offerings of cyber technology- best channel for Online classifieds....Impressed and Highly Recommend!

(ahhhh was longggg post this time......)

Have you guys tried this "Sell Phone" as yet? what was your experience?


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