Friday, 10 April 2015

Day & Night: Oil for your face

Hi Girls, 

This time Day & Night series features- Facial oil
Past few weeks while checking out my recent snaps, i noticed that there is a considerable change in my skin texture. Reviving my daily skin care routine till now, i found that from all the products i use- something which worked wonders for me was- Facial oils.
Let see how-


if you are following my posts you might have read my post about Mature skin oil from Iraya. (700 INR for 10 ml) from Flipkart.
I am using this oil since last couple of months and yet left with some. Post cleansing, i spray little rose water from Oriflame or Patajali one. On the damp skin i apply this oil.
I have a rule- 3 drop rule for every oil. Just take 3 drops and rub between your palm to warm it apply it evenly on your face. You can follow up with a good moisturiser or a day cream. 
This one has really suited my combination acne prone skin and has imparted required hydration along with maintaining my sebum level too. I would say an amazing formula for 30+ skin.
Read my post for further details here

Iraya Facial Oil for Mature skin in daily regime
This is my experiment with pure Rosehip Oil. I got this coldpressed oil from Moksha +A Google+ Page  at  300 INR for 30 ml from Flipkart. (sorry guys the print on label is faded due to continuous use). Moksha should focus a little more on branding, i guess.
This is chrome yellow in color which is not thick like ordinary oils. As also Rosehip oil is considered as a Dry Oil which is quite light and easy to absorb without leaving any oiliness on you skin. 
Comes in dark glass bottle with a drop dispenser cap. ( i pefer a dropper which is rather easy to pull out the required amount ). This oil evaporates as it deposits on the cap and dispenser despite proper closing and careful usage.
I started using this oil at night  and the same way as i use Iraya oil, the same 3 drop rule!
This is a pure oil which smells little nutty but wont bother your nose. I find my skin little tinted with a yellow veil but not enough to stain your pillow cover also its gone as soon as its absorbed. I follow it up with a good night cream and its done. 
The next morning i find my face softer, firmer and plump

Moksha Rosehip Oil

Moksha Rosehip Oil for face- daily regimen

Moksha Rosehip Oil

In all, with these oils, I found my skin firm yet soft & glowing. Complexion is lot more improved with those scars and spots faded & a lot more evenness imparted. My skin is plumped and little improvement in those few fine lines i have.
Also these oils aid absorption of your gels and creams too. I would recommend using organic products with these as it would give better & faster results.
But remember that 3-drop rule, beyond which you may end up layering oil.
Also you need to store these oils properly. As they either evaporate or the property tends to change due to exposure to heat or light. Although they come in dark glass bottles but need to handle with care.
Since it was winters last few months, now i need to check how it works in peak summers. Will update on that too.
I am also planning facial oil DIY post i finish the Iraya oil which i will share if i succeed :-).

So i Highly Recommend incorporating a Face oil into your anti ageing skin care regime. Just explore the one suited according to your skin type.
My Rating for Moksha Rosehip Oil- 5/5
Have you ever tried a Facial oil? which one do you recommend?


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