Monday, 27 April 2015

The Nature's Co Beauty Box- April 2015

Reading my blog, you all might have got that i am more of a skin-care person. I like my bare face only wearing a flawless, glowing skin (obviously which is always not possible). I wear make-up on occasions. yes I cant survive without my  khol/kajal and lip balms.
So skin care brands often attracts me, especially if they are natural and organic. I usually look upto The Nature's Co for the same reason. Also i had been loving so may of their products like Barley Cleanser etc. I was lured for their March bag but ended up getting April SUMMER SPLASH beauty wish box from +The Nature’s Co. 
Price- 595 INR for 1 month subscription.

The Nature's Co April Beauty Wish Box- Contents

You can subscribe the bag here.

The Beauty Box- is wrapped in a funky fluorescent Pink cloth sling bag. The bag obviously is bright and good to carry your goodies around while you travel or casual outings. 

The Goodies- it was a Bath & Body beauty box this time.I got 7 products (5 samples + 1 full size)
1. A full sized KELP SEA Bath Salt
The Nature's Co April Beauty Wish Box

2. Sea Fennel body wash (35ml)
The Nature's Co April Beauty Wish Box

3. Cool Cucumber Body Lotion (35ml)
The Nature's Co April Beauty Wish Box

4. Mango Mandarin Body Mist (10 ml)
The Nature's Co April Beauty Wish Box

5. Rose Hydrating Facial Mist (10 ml)
The Nature's Co April Beauty Wish Box

6. Peppermint face wash (10 ml)

The Nature's Co April Beauty Wish Box

I am not much into BATH Salts and hence a full sized Bath salt was a disappointment. I doubt whether i will use it. I did not even tried opening it.
Sea fennel body wash was smelling mild (cant identify the smell), seems a good one meant for all skin types. 
Cool Cucumber Body Lotion was a pearl white lotion smelling of fresh cucumbers, would surely try this.
Mango-Mandarin Body Mist, I do not like fruity scents as perfumes or mists. Sniffed it but did not like it much. Lets see how it fares...after few trials.
Rose hydrating facial Mist- yes, this was something made me smile. A facial mist was all i was desperately looking for. Smells of pure roses and was quite refreshing.
Peppermint face wash was again something i liked while i sniffed it. Was so fresh and energising. yet to use it.

The Nature's Co April Beauty Wish Box

The Nature's Co April Beauty Wish Box

The Nature's Co April Beauty Wish Box

A discount voucher of 35% discount ONLY on the items sent in the Beauty Box.

The biggest regret with Beauty boxes is that they do not customise nor they entertain any such requests. It happened to me with this too. I requested for a hair product sample meant for dry/thin/frizzy hairs...but no use. Even if you pay, you wont get what you want.

So overall this beauty box was not a wish box for me but good for people who do not expect much from a box.  But for me the team at nature's co should cater some requests or rather allow customise a little for people to like it.

Have you ordered the April 2015- The Natures Co Beauty Wish Box? Whats your view about it?


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