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KHADI Rose & Honey Body Wash-Review

Rose & Honey Body wash: indulge your senses with beautiful soap-free cleansing gel that will leave your skin feeling cleansed refreshed and soft with a whisper of beautiful Rose fragrance.
So today its another fragrant bath & body product from +Khadi Natural™ . You might have noticed that in my last haul post, i got this Khadi Rose & Honey body wash from

KHADI Rose & Honey Body Wash-Review

Summers is the time when your skin needs utmost care and people like me who prefers bare skin has to struggle a lot keeping skin clean and clear.
Anything which is cool & naturally fragrant, attracts me. Have you tried Khus, Kesar, Rose shakes? if not try them. Start your day with these cooling & refreshing shakes which nourishes your mind & body.
Now bath & body options...I actually start hoarding them with onset of summers.  All cooling, soothing & natural ones with preferably Rose or Mogra scents. 
Today its again a Rose scented bath gel. 

KHADI Rose & Honey Body Wash-Review, price

KHADI Rose & Honey Body Wash-Review,packaging

Price- 130 INR for 210ml, its available online at & (currently at discount).
Ingredients- Major ingredients is Aloevera, geranium oil & Rosa Centifolia. Seems list is not complete (i guess).

My Take- 
The very first sight, you will love the Rose pink colored fluid packed in a simple transparent plastic bottle, tightly packed with an inner lid and a flip open cap. 
The body wash is actually pink colored gel which is runny enough to easily pour out with a little squeeze. You just need a spoonful of the gel on your loofah and it lathers well to cover & clean your body well. It smells heavenly of pure fresh roses (i could not smell honey or geranium). its mild but is so addictive that i cant get over it. Although the smell is not long lasting and vanishes soon after bath but i love indulging and just cant get over it. It caress and soothes my senses.
Of course it cleans well leaving no residue behind and also not drying. At times i skip my body oil or lotion and do not feel itchy or dry.
Looking into the quantity required every time, its definitely going to last long & i am enjoying it every day.
KHADI Rose & Honey Body Wash-Review, color

KHADI Rose & Honey Body Wash-Review

Overall you must have noticed i am going gaga over this, so KHADI Rose & Honey Body Wash is perfect bathing option this summer. Highly Recommended!

My Rating- 5/5.

Do you like Rose fragrance for bathing products or you prefer something else? 


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