Thursday, 28 May 2015

Budget Bargains: Patanjali Lemon Honey Kanti Body Cleanser for daily cleansing

Useful in Rejuvenating, nourishing & glorifying the skin. Useful in removing dryness & roughness of skin. - as Patanjali Lemon Honey cleanser claims.
My Husband is a soap person and feels that his bath is not complete unless he has rubbed the soap properly on his body. He smells his soap and enjoys the lather even if he is in shower or tub. So i usually stock soaps for him.
Today i am sharing one of the soaps my family loves and we have finished many bars as of now. It is Patanjali lemon Honey Kanti Body cleanser, an ayurvedic preparation.
Patanjali Lemon Honey Kanti Body Cleanser Review

Price - you need to pay only INR 19 for 75 gms of the bar. it is available at all patanjali outlets and also online on
Ingredients- you will notice its major ingredients are Honey, Lemon and Aloe. Although it contains permitted color & fragrance too.

Patanjali Lemon Honey Kanti Body Cleanser Review

My Take- 
The Soap bar is oval with 'Patanjali' (brand name) inscription on it. The Patanjali Lemon Honey Kanti Body Cleanser bar is beautiful lemon yellow in color and smells yum- if you love lemon honey drinks, it smells exactly like that and i just love it.
The bar is translucent vegetable oils as base so suitable for kids too. it stands for long in your soap dish as it does not melt or crumble easily. You can use till the last chip of it & so does my hubby (wink).
The bar cleans well carrying away all the dirt & grime away with the amazing lather it forms. It leaves no trace of body odour or sweat behind neither any soapy residue which washes away easily even if you are not in habit of using loofah or scrubber. The lemony fragrance stays for a while on your body but not for long and you will love how it keeps floating in your washroom. it gives you a fresh and invigorating bath.
Moreover it is an inexpensive option for daily cleansing. As i always say, luxury & enjoyment may not be always expensive. 

Overall Patanjali Lemon Honey Kanti Body Cleanser is great bathing option for these summers which is not heavy on your pocket too. it is a MUST HAVE in your stock.
My rating- 5/5.

Do you have a pocket friendly buy which you love and is always a repurchase?


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