Thursday, 14 May 2015

Of Samples- The Natures Co, Olay Review

Hi All, 

Today i will be reviewing some samples i received from Brands like The Nature's Co and Olay.
I had received some samples in April Beauty bag from +The Nature’s Co.  and also had tried some samples from out of which i will be reviewing Olay one.
Lets begin with Olay Total Effects 7 in One Day Cream- Normal sample.
Sample Olay Total effects normal

Sample Olay Total Effects Normal

i received this sample long back and have even finished it. it is a 8 gm sample tube (INR149)which i received along with few other samples from a site which disburses free samples of Procter & Gamble. One of those is this Olay Total Effects cream from +OlayIndia 
Initially i felt Normal cream might not suit me ( as it may be targeted for normal skin people) but still i gave it a try. 
I have been using it regularly every morning after my CTM, it was easy to spread and also had a minimal spf15 which is enough if you are not an outdoor person. it worked well on my oily to combination skin. i never had any break outs or oily/greasy feeling. But it does not hide or conceal skin imperfections. For Anti Ageing effects, it was too early to give a verdict.
Overall i was ready to give a try to Full size one. 

Now lets talk about The Nature's Co Samples- 
1. The Nature's Co Cool Cucumber Body Lotion (for normal to Dry skin)- This is really a nice lotion for dry skin. its so light and gets easily absorbed within next few seconds of application. Has mild smell of fresh cucumbers. Its cooling, soothing and surely nourishing. It can also be a good baby lotion. Its simple great for summers.

2. The Nature's Co Kelp Sea Bath Salt- It was a full sized one. I have tried with running water and was OK with it. Could not find much of the difference. It gets soggy easily as it contains epsom salt. I wont recommend it.
Sample Review- The Nature's Co Sea Kelp Bath Salt

3. The Nature's Co Mango Mandarin Body Mist- Its a cooling and refreshing Mist. People who love Fruity fragrances as body perfumes would love this. But being a mist the staying power is not more than 2 hours in this drying scorching heat of summers.  It does not irritate or burns even in sensitive body areas like underarms.
Sample Review- The Nature's Co Mango Mandarin Body Mist

4. The Nature's Co Pepprmint face wash (for oily skin)- This was the STAR product of all the samples i received. It is cooling, refreshing and invigorating, gives you squeaky clean skin. No break outs. Minty Fragrance soothes and relaxes post every wash. it is MUST HAVE for every oily skinned beauty. Planning to buy a full sized one for which i can even avail 35% discount as i have received the voucher with the bag.
Sample Review- The Nature's Co peppermint face wash

5. The Nature's Co Rose Hydrating Facial Mist- It is surely a soothing refershing mist with a mild rose fragrance. It hydrates your skin and relieves of that summery heat instantly but then it is not lasting. So i would prefer my Homemade Rose water- derived from pure extracts. 
Sample Review-The Nature's Co Rose Hydrating Face Mist

So thats all for the day...will be back with a new product tomorrow.


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