Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Mini Bath & Body Herbal Haul for summers...

Hi Girls, 
Although it hardly happens that we bloggers end up shopping & hauling but sharing the haul is occasional (atleast for me). In this case i can say, it was mini so i am sharing.
My Haul was basically a herbal one from
Bath & Body Products
This summer i was concentrating on Flower based product purchases like flower based soaps, body wash, face wash, body & face mists etc.  Flowers and their scents freshens you up instantly.

Natural Bath & Body- Beautiful Day Body Mist

1. Natural Bath & Body - Beautiful day body mist (325 INR) 
The fresh green colored bottle lured me and floral notes mentioned in the description made me to go for this. 

IshaLife Handcrafted Pure Honey Soap

2. Isha Life handcrafted soap- Honey Radiance (190 INR) Wanted a rose or jasmine one but since they were out of stock, got this.
i do not like Honey smell but prefer the way it hydrates and is also known for its antiseptic properties. 

Khadi Rose & Honey Body Wash

3. Khadi Rose & Honey Body Wash- (125 INR)
The fresh pink color and that too rose mentioned ...was enough to buy this. Body washes at times are easy when you are in hurry for a shower and if has good fragrance acts as mild deodorants too. 

Will soon post my reviews on these.
What are you planning to buy or have bought for this summer?
Any suggestions for a good Body Sunscreen and lip balm?


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