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Anti Acne Regimen with Himalaya Herbals-Clarina

There is no denying that we all love and crave for a naturally flawless skin. Some are gifted with this while some have to really struggle hard to get this...its all in the genes.
But...its your effort too. And many like me, must have been religiously trying and testing formulas, recipes, DIY's to get that smooth & glowing skin.
Today i am sharing one of my tried & tested anti acne regime- with products from +HimalayaHerbalsIndia . Its about Clarina Anti Acne Cream and Clarina Anti Acne Face wash.
Himalaya Herbals Clarina Anti Acne Combo Review

If you might have read my Himalaya haul post, i got a bunch of Himalaya products few weeks back. Since then i am using the Clarina Anti Acne cream and Face wash.
Price- Clarina Anti Acne Cream -70 INR for 30 gms, Clarina Anti Acne Face Wash- 60 ml for 75 INR.
Ingredients- both of them has an impressive ayurvedic ingredient list but then they are not free of parabens.

Clarina anti acne cream- comes in a squeezy slim tube packed in a carton while Clarina Anti acne face wash also has squeezy tube with a flip cap but no carton pack. Both has the signature print of Himalaya Herbals. The tube are sturdy and easy to carry in your bag. i bought these two with high hopes as i was already troubled with severe pimples and acne on my cheek and jawline area. Let me tell you i am prone to cystic/adult acne which usually are painful but not easily cured. Moreover they leave marks behind for quite a long.

Himalaya Herbals Clarina Anti Acne Cream Review

Himalaya Herbals Clarina Anti Acne Cream Review

Himalaya Herbals Clarina Anti Acne Cream Review

Clarina Anti Acne Face wash gel -  The face wash claims to clean skin and cure acne. The face wash is clear transparent thick gel but easily comes out with a little squeeze. It has a weird soapy smell which is little annoying for me. But the smell vanishes soon after washing so no grudges. It clears the dirt and grime quite well, even if you have oily/combination skin, it perfectly cleans the excess oil. Also the gel is hydrating and would not leave your skin stretchy after wash. During these soaring temperature days, at times i even skip a moisturiser after wash. 
Himalaya Herbals Clarina Anti Acne face wash gel Review

Himalaya Herbals Clarina Anti Acne Combo Review

Clarina Anti Acne Cream- This also claims to clear acne effectively. it is thick beige cream with a nice smellThe cream is thick but spreads well and quite visible initially after application. It take time to absorb still a visible layer remains for long. You can apply this as a spot treatment or all over the face. 
I never noticed any side effect after using the cream and face wash gel both. Rather both seems mild and soothing. 
I followed a strict regime - 
1. Washing my face with Clarina anti acne wash every day & night. 
2. Applying the Clarina Anti acne cream only at night (as i am working one and cannot wear the cream while in office). 
3. Strictly skipped all day & night creams during the days i was using the cream and face wash.
4. I was also ensuring to keep face clean by applying additional ayurvedic packs and masks. this time it was Vedantika Herbals anti acne mask
5. As toner/mist i was using only Rose water (my DIY with Moksha hydrosols).
6. I was using only a homemade facial oil with enhanced proportion of tea tree.
7. Never skipped Sunscreen.
8. Lastly strict CTM for day & night. Even if i had not applied makeup.

What I found?- My pimples - redness & inflammation was already reduced by 2nd day, pain was also reduced day by day. They dried up within 3-4 days max
Acne/whiteheads- reduced a little. But I used to clean my whiteheads by a blackhead cleaner from Vega. Just gently press the Q tip on the area of your face with higher concentration of acne/whiteheads. You will find that this really helps. its like sterlising the infection and then removing the dirt so that it does not stay on to aggravate the infection further.
Also it is not necessary to follow the regime i mentioned. it is not that the products would not work without this regime but the regime helps in getting faster results. Clarina face wash and Clarina Anti acne cream works well in isolation too but the combination pace up the results.
Himalaya Herbals Clarina Anti Acne Combo Review

So it was my experience so far and i am pretty happy with the results i got with Himalaya Herbals Clarina Anti acne cream and Clarina Anti acne face wash gel. Recommended! to all who are struggling with the acne/pimple problem- its an effective & yet affordable solution.

My Rating - 
Himalaya Herbals Clarina Anti Acne cream- 5/5
Himalya Herbals Clarina Anti Acne Face wash gel- 4.9/5


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