Monday, 8 June 2015

Voices that WHISPER

Sanitary napkins- How many of us do not know about this? We think we all, but is it true??
So my todays post is about Women Hygeine & Health, which is still a serious concern in our country. Lets VOICE this concern our way- but with a Whisper - one of the popular brand for sanitary napkins. 
Whisper Ultra Day-Night Value Pack

A survey on Women's health under cleanliness campaign in Madhya Pradesh highlighted some shocking facts- (source:
1. 88% females in the region do not use sanitary napkins
2. 70% of the women suffer from related infections and cant afford a proper treatment & even cant afford napkins too.
3. 1.4 crores new cases of infection registered every year.
4. 30% girls leave school as their menstruation starts.
5. 64% physicians believe that sanitary napkins help prevent cervical cancer.
later M.P - Chief minister announced a campaign where free napkins would be distributed. First phase would start with free distribution via vending machines in school, college and hostels.
This is a bitter reality which WE are not realizing. We being the modern women-educated & aware has the responsibility to train and educate ignorant illiterate women around us. 
I don't think we might have even discussed or tried to find the realty behind what poor women in our society are facing in day to day life. So its high time, lets start it from our home; at least with our maids and their girls. Looking into the taboo associated with menstrual cycles in Indian society, our women usually hesitate to even discuss their problems.We need to understand that this concern should have a 'voice' not 'whisper'.

I am using Whisper Day & Night Value Pack since last one year. I am one of those who has mid to heavy flow during my cycles.
Price - 150 INR for the pack. Its is easily available at drugstores, Retail counters and online too. You may even visit the website  and can choose your type from the variants available. You may even request free sample.
Also read about Period Box subscription in India.

Whisper Ultra Day-Night Value Pack

Whisper Ultra Day-Night Value Pack Review

Whisper Ultra Day-Night Value pack

Whisper Ultra Day-Night Value pack

Whisper Ultra Day-Night Value pack

The pack is dual one with both day & night packs. Its ideal for travel, just slip the one in your bag and you are done.
As far as i remember Whisper is a pioneer company to introduce slim, absorbent, hygienic packs with a revolutionary 'dryweave' cover. it comes in a separate plastic cover wrapping which can be used for a proper disposal later. Concept of side wings has actually added so much of comfort and convenience and it properly tugs on the panty side lines.  I had noticed with other napkins that their adhesive is not good enough to keep the napkin on its place for long but its not the case with Whisper.
Whether you are outdoors or indoor, you can carry on with your regular activities as usual. No fear of leaking or wet discomfort. It is so soft and comfy that you don't feel uneasy for minimum of 6 hours.  
You will notice that the Whisper Ultra clean is long and absorbent enough for 9to5 job, you may even carry one for heavy flow and its so easy to change at work too-no mess or fuss. While Whisper Ultra Nights is little more long with broad back to make it easy for you to sleep without worries of leakage. Whatsoever is your sleeping position, it hardly matters with this napkin.
You will find a full 4 day suffice pack- 8 napkins in Whisper Ultra Clean pack and 7 Napkins in Whisper Ultra Nights.
Whisper Ultra Day-Night Value pack

Whisper Ultra Day-Night Value pack

Whisper Ultra Day-Night Value pack review

Whisper Ultra Day-Night Value pack review

I wont say its just 'value for money' its a 'comfort of life at a small value'. You just go #unstoppable with Whisper Ultra pack.

So all you Girls, lets explore and enjoy life- step ahead with leaving 'those' worries behind with Whisper Ultra Value Pack.
Dont Whisper-Use Whisper! Lets empower our women and make a happy, healthy India.

My Rating for Whisper Ultra Value pack- 5/5.


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