Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Scentbox: Happy Perfuming with All Good Scents

Hi All, 
Beauty bags are something which every girl would love. And why not? After all you get to try a whole lot of variety from brands to various usage or concern. Today its again about a Beauty Box but with a little difference, its only about fragrances! it is about SCENTBOX from All Good Scents.  
If you are following my posts, i have discussed about Beauty Bags in India. Scentbox is one such unique concept of beauty bag services. Here you do not get different products from various brands instead samples of fragrances from a single brand- All Good Scents.

Scentbox-All Good Scents

"if you love experimenting then you will love our SCENTBOX"
Discover the latest fragrances right at your home
  • Exciting fragrances delivered straight to your home for sampling.
  • If you prefer sampling a perfume before buying then you'll love our SCENTBOX™.
  • If you like to buy your favourite fragrance and sample other ones then you'll love our SCENTBOX™.
SCENTBOX™ allows you to explore & try the very latest fragrance launches from the comfort of your own home or office. For just Rs 55 per tester, each edition comes with 3 fragrance samples for you to test as well as promotional vouchers so you can make some big savings on all the scents featured in the SCENTBOX™.
Scentbox All Good Scents

Scentbox - All Good Scents

Scentbox All Good Scents

All you need to do is Just choose 3 testers from the available range of fragrances (EDP/EDT) at All Good Scents from their site here. It would cost you INR 165 and the sample box- Scentbox is delivered right at your doorstep.
I ordered the box last month and my samples were- 
1. Lolette (EDP)
2. Radiant (EDT)
3. Tender (EDT)
Scentbox-All Good Scents

Actually you can gather details about the fragrances like Top/Heart/Base notes from the site for the ease of ordering. I did the same and found the above ones close to my liking.
The samples delivered safely & tightly packed in a carton box with a discount voucher too.
These are 2 ml mini samples with mini spray system in a triangular based carton pack.
I loved those pretty looking mini sprays as they are good to carry in your bag and would last for a week's regular use.
I Liked all the 3 fragrances but loved the RADIANT one. 
LOLETTE has fruity-floral notes which are invigorating and sparkling twist. it perks you up and goes long way for 8+ hours. While TENDER has sweet floral scent and is so warm and mild that everyone would love it. RADIANT is awesome and close to my favorite notes of Musk, vanilla & Rose. Tender & Radiant lingers for a good 6+ hours and keep you fresh & fragrant.
Scentbox-All Good Scents

Overall the SCENTBOX is a MUST TRY and the 3 Fragrances- Lolette, Radiant & Tender are simply awesome.  Also Nykaa is currently offering huge 20-50% discount on selected ALL GOOD SCENTS. so rush!!!

My Rating for SCENTBOX- 5/5


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