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KHADI Basil Scrub Soap-Handmade with essential oils:Review

Khadi Basil Scrub Soap is a combination of carefully chosen mild soap base along with extracts of Basil for providing cleanliness and protection to gentle skin.
Khadi Basil Scrub Soap Review

We, in india are born and brought up using cleanser basically as soaps or at times natural recipes-Ubtans. Using handmade soaps is one such luxurious experience one would always like trying again. 
Its again a handmade soap today from Khadi India- Khadi Basil Scrub Soap-Handmade with essential oils. 
Price- 65 INR for 125 gms. Its available online at Nykaa and currently Khadi is offering discount on the soap at its site. (set of 2 at 117 INR)
Key ingredients- Basil Oil, Glycerine and Vegetable oils (soap base too but not mentioned about SLS or Paraben, hope that it does not have since it claims to be natural)

Khadi Basil Scrub Soap Review

Khadi Basil Scrub Soap Review

Khadi claims that it is completely herbal and safe for Face & body skin. A cleanser suitable for all types of skin.

My Experience- 
The soap looks pretty attractive with lush green colour and top brown abrasive coat for scrubbing. looks so good lying on your bathroom shelf.
It is a translucent soap like usual glycerin soaps. It smells of basil which is soothing and relaxing while you bathe. Although it does not linger on for long.
As like other handmade soaps i use it in pieces. Usually cut it into 2 with a blunt knife so that its not wasted due to melting. But it does not melt easily like usual handmade soaps.
A half piece of the bar goes for a minimum of 10 days. it lathers quite well and effectively cleans dirt & grime. Gets washed away easily without leaving any residue on your body.
Since it is a scrub soap it has a layer of scrub particles on one side but i found this little too rough so stuck using this for areas like knees, elbows etc. its good for those areas but never dared trying on face. With Scrub at back you wont need a loofah. The scrub particle layer gradually withers leaving the soap so at later stages it easy to use as a soap.
Having oil and glycerin base its hydrating and your skin wont mind skipping body lotion this spring.
Khadi Basil Scrub Soap Review

Khadi Basil Scrub Soap Review

Overall Khadi Basil Scrub Soap is a nice soap cleanser with all goodness of herbs at really affordable price. Highly recommended!

My Rating- 4.9/5

Which handmade soap do you love and keep repurchasing? What should i buy next?


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