Monday, 13 July 2015

Baahubali: New Era of Indian Film Making Begins...

Hi, should i book the tickets for Bahubali, sunday show?-Me
What type of movie that is?-My Hubby
Obviously a period drama! Which show, tell me?-Me
No i'm not interested, would be surely a violent movie with a hero fighting & hurling severals in a single throw.-My Hubby
Ok Then.
Somehow i had to see the movie , so managed to take grab tickets of a local theatre, at the last moment. By the time we were out, my husband was spellbound, praising the movie and repenting if we could have booked the ticket in a multiplex- Ambience surely matters, right?
I am talking about this Magnum Opus by S S Rajamouli Bahubali- The beginning, the man who wrote & directed the movie-Bahubali (man with huge power/powerful arms). This is south Indian epic historical fiction movie where Prabhas playing the protagonist and Rana Daggubati as Antagonist. 

The storyline of the movie is not new and similar to other period drama about fight between two cousins, Bahubali and Bhallaldev, for the throne of kingdom of Mahishmati.
Starcast of the movie has done their job well whether in the lead roles like Prabhas as Bahubali and Rana Daggubati as Bhallaldev or supporting roles like Satyaraj as Katappa and Ramya as Rajmata have put in their best to bring roles to life. Tamannah as the warrior princess has probably got one of the best roles of her life and has played it convincingly well. All of them have really seems to have put in their heart & soul for their roles- their looks and their moves as warriors proves that.
But the real hero is S S Rajamouli and his vision which is magnificently translated into this epic drama of the year.  The movie is in two parts of which the Bahubali -The beginning is the first. 
Backdrop scenes, sounds are well chosen and shot with amazing perfection. Action sequences are worth watching & shows the efforts put in by the actors and stunt choreographer of the movie. Some of the scenes could have been superfluous but even they are so well shot that you as audience just believe in it.
Shots of battlefield with every detail and sounds captured are commendable and managing to shoot huge battle shots with more than 2000 artists  with such a perfection is something an indian audience would have probably seen in hollywood movies only.
Entire movie is exemplary for its cinematography, art work and spectacular direction.

Overall Bahubali- The Beginning is a Must Watch and a complete Paisa Vasool with its sheer magnificence and Grandeur. Its has started a new era of film making in indian film history.
I am eagerly waiting for the last part- The Conclusion.

My Rating- 5/5


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