Thursday, 30 July 2015

Khadi Sansthan Glycerin Skin Cleanser- kewra: Review

Hi Everyone, 
Today its a bath & body product from Khadi Sansthan- its Khadi Sansthan Glycerin Skin Cleanser- Kewra Flavour.
Khadi Sansthan Glycerin Skin Cleanser-Kewra Review

Initially while looking for a Herbal Shampoo, i located this at Khadi Sansthan counter. 
But before we go ahead about reviewing this cleanser, let me first clear you all that the brand here is not KHADI but Khadi Sansthan and both are different. The first one is from Gramodaya Ashram which was set up by Mr. Sugrive Singh in the year 1963 while the latter one is a Govt. owned organisation which deals in manufacturing & promotion  of hand woven Khadi garments and other herbal/ayurvedic products.

Although both the organisation are driven by Gandhiji's vision of using indigenous products and promote them as brands but the process is little different. Where the previous one has established itself through rigorous and latest marketing tools but the latter one is rather older but still needs to revamp.
So it was about brands, now lets talk about the Cleanser- 
As name suggests, it is a handmade Glycerin base soap in Kewra flavour.
"Kewra oil acts as a natural refresher to mind, body & Soul"
I was intrigued seeing this beautiful transparent soap and moreover this Kewra flavour in a soap was new for me. 
Kewra is basically screwpine and its flower (pandanas flower) essence is used in Indian sweets to give a nice aroma. 
Khadi Sansthan Glycerin Skin Cleanser-Kewra Review

Price- 125 gms of the soap retails at 52 INR. Reasonably priced but availability could be an issue as it can only be found at Khadi Sansthan counters. Not available online.
Packaging- Khadi Sansthan Glycerin Skin Cleanser is basically a soap. It comes packed in transparent poly cover with details at back. Simple but not environment friendly packing as i have heard that these polythene covers are not recyclable but then  most of the packing comes this way. But yes it claims to be cruelty free.
Ingredients- Coconut Oil, Vegetable Oil, Kewra Extract & Glycerin
My Experience- Initially when i sniffed it while in packing i got a strong smell of kewra and i felt that i am standing in a sweets shop. when i had a bath, the smell was very mild and it was cooling & refreshing. This feeling of freshness & cooling even lasted for few hours which was unique for a soap. 
The soap lathers fine not good like other soaps probably because of the herbal ingredients. But it cleans well, even imparts good hydration to skin left you feeling invigorated for the day. Also it does not melt & dissolve like other glycerin/handmade soaps so goes a long way.
Khadi Sansthan Glycerin Skin Cleanser-Kewra Review

Overall Khadi Sansthan Glycerin Skin Cleanser- kewra is a good body cleanser which not only cleans but lefts you feeling fresh and invigorated for the day. Highly Recommended!
My Rating- 4/5 (for availability issues)

Have you ever got a chance to try Khadi Sansthan products?? Which one did you liked??


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