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Dear Earth Blossoming Orchid Nourishing Shampoo-Review

It takes a radical kind of grace
To have strength in character
Embrace life's ordeals with an open heart
And walk your own path
Be strong
Immerse yourself in the flow of life
Tough challenges can break you down or crush you. But when you are strong you can face them with much conviction in your heart.
Open your arms to the tranquil awakening of dawn and watch the sky acquire an orchid pink blush. As the sun finds its way from the horizon let Dear Earth Blossoming Orchid Shampoo resolve your dry tangles.
Dear Earth Blossoming Orchid Nourishing Shampoo -Review

Organic Neem nourishes hairs from the roots, prevents breakage and reaffirms strength in thinning hair. Almond oil gently creams dry and damaged hair cuticles and internally nourishes scalp and hair with vitamin E and minerals.
Dear Earth Blossoming Orchid Shampoo soothes a dry irritable scalp with its calming and healing goodness.
Not Just and Ordinary Shampoo, An organic nourishing nectar for long and strong hair.
Registered by Vegan Society-UK. PETA certified-Cruelty free & Vegan.

You all might be little surprised to see the poetic description of a Hair Product but that's the way DEAR EARTH is..its Vision, concept is all woven into a poetry defining the very essence of Earth and its beauty. I thoroughly loved their concept of nurturing through nature. 
Initially i purchased Dear Earth Blossoming Orchid Shampoo after a long thought as i was looking for an Organic and vegan product for my hairs but this brand was a new one.  I loved The Nature's Co Barley Volumising Shampoo which was again vegan and organic but being a blogger you get in habit of trying new things. Recently i took a plunge and got this from during an offer.
Dear Earth Blossoming Orchid Nourishing Shampoo-Review

Dear Earth Blossoming Orchid Nourishing Shampoo-Review

Price- 450 INR for 150 ml. You can purchase it from or or from Dear earth site here.

Ingredients- All organic ingredients like Neem, Pongima oil, Tea tree oil, Almond Oil with Zea Mays & vetiver Oil too. List seems quite reliable and impressive for a chemical free hair wash.

The shampoo comes in a small plastic jar bottle packed with a flip open cap dispenser. Packing is attractive & sturdy but not travel friendly
Shampoo is light & watery in consistency with wine brown color and smells sweet with fruity-floral mix aroma. Fragrance is mild and wont linger for long which i prefer since i do not like such scent.
The shampoo being free of chemicals does not lather heavy like other shampoos but yes it does. It cleans well - Scalp and hair both. But if you have really oily scalp or heavily oiled hairs, you require two washes for proper cleaning. 
The Shampoo is soothing and calming for dry, rough hairs and for an itchy scalp too. It help retain volume  and keeps them soft but cant control frizz. it nourishes but does not condition enough so i need a conditioner for my dry, frizzy manes. I liked that it does not make my hairs go flat killing my natural curls which usually happens with most of nourishing/conditioning shampoos. Cant say much about long terms effects like root strengthening as it takes time to show such results and that too with consistent use.
This Shampoo is ideal if you have normal to dry hairs and sick of using chemical laden shampoos. its light and soothing for hairs and scalp. Its perfect for daily wash.
Dear Earth Blossoming Orchid Nourishing Shampoo-Review

Overall Dear Earth Blossoming Orchid Nourishing Shampoo is an mild soothing shampoo which is organic, Vegan and well suited for Dry to normal hairs and good for daily wash too. Recommended!

My Rating- 4.9/5


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