Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Unboxing My Style Mile Express (MSM) Box: July 2015

Hi Girls, 
Today I will be sharing the recent box which i have subscribed, its MSM Express Box july 2015 edition. The Box says- 'A lot in a little' is a subscription for Beauty products, Accessories and Allied services. 
My Style Mile - Express Box-July 2015 Review

For more information about Beauty Box services, please read my Posts here & here.
Lets open it & have a fatafat (crisp) view of the contents i have received.
I ordered this box in july and got the box within next 10 days- super fast and Free Shipping.
Now lets unbox it & see the contents- 
MSM Select Box July 2015-contents-review

MSM Select Box July 2015-contents, review

MSM Select Box July 2015-contents, price

1. Accessories- Baali Earings (INR 290)
We were given option to choose out of 3 colors ( i actually got to choose out of 2 options given- Red/Green) I opted for Green with little Ombre touch. The earings are pretty but i found them little big for my face.
MSM Select Box July 2015-Baali Earings

2. Lotus Herbals Eye Shadow- Pure Radiance (INR 275)
It comes packed in tight box with a little applicator. Seems universal kind of shade. Will update with my reviews soon.
My Style Mile - Express Box-July 2015-Lotus-Herbal-Eye-Shadow

3. Bio Bloom Mint lip balm (INR 99)
The Balm has a great packaging with a screw cap and inner lid but you need to smear your finger tip to take out the balm. (Jar packing). it smells like fresh mint and reminds me of Figs & Rouge Aloe Vera and Mint Balm.
My Style Mile - Express Box-July 2015- Bio-Bloom-Lip-Balm

4. Morocvita Argan Oil (INR 25 for 5 ml)
Non sticky hair oil more of a serum for roots nourishment, as claimed by the company. Excited to try this one.
My Style Mile - Express Box-July 2015-Morocvita-Argan-Oil

5. Kronokare Mediterranean Shampoo and Conditioner ( 105 & 115 INR for 60 ml of shampoo and conditioner)
Claims to be chemical Free, when i sniffed -found a mild but pleasant smell. conditioner seems little thick white hile shampoo is runny. Again something i would like to try soon.
My Style Mile - Express Box-July 2015-Kronokare-Shampoo

My Style Mile - Express Box-July 2015-Kronokare-Conditioner

They have even provided ABIZA voucher which would not be able to use ( No store in Indore).
MSM Box Vousher- Abiza

They also have a social extension- INR 10 from our Subscription is donated.
MSM Select Box July 2015-Review

How did you find the contents of MSM express Box, But i would suggest trying Select Box as i felt that options are little better.
If you liked the Box, you can book it here.
Share your Experiences of Beauty Box and tell me your favourite box so far.


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