Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Hi All, 

Taming dry and frizzy hairs is one of the most irritating tasks. it becomes more taxing when you don't get desired results from the least the claimed ones!!! I have tried all possible options from Mehndi pack to deep conditioning, hair masks, leave-ins and what not, but could not find 100% satisfaction. 

Since i had heard lot about DOVE and have been a loyal user of DOVE DRYNESS range (Shampoo & Conditioner) since long. This was only left as the new product in line. 

Last month i had a haul from Nykaa in which i got an offer on DOVE ELIXIR- DRYNESS CARE, so gave it a try. I buy 1 get 1 in the offer. Check out my haul here.
Product Claims- 

Product packaging- This came in a nice white colored carton box embossed with Lavender flowers with instructions on its back. it was firmly packed with no spillage or breakage. Inside you would find a glass bottle with a pump dispenser. its a beautifully ornated bottle with shades of Lavender & pink and flowers of Lavender printed on its back. Pretty bottle for your dressing table but not suitable to carry while travelling; quite bulky and being glass one prone to breakage.

Quantity & Price- 990 ml at 185 INR (but i got 1+1)

Contents- looking into its content list i was really disppointed as they claim it to be precious elixir- Oil with Lavender & Olive as major ingredients. But the content list shows that Mineral oil Vegetable oils are the major ingredients which again brings it to the shelf of ordinary oils. Basically a perfumed light oil.

Texture & Fragrance- it is neither a serum nor a oil but lies somewhere in between when it comes to consistency. it is no doubt light & very less greasy as compared to normal oils. As obvious, it has a Lavender fragrance which is not overpowering & stays for long.

My experience-
1. if used on dry hairs for styling, it wont help much in styling as it made even my Dry & frizzy hairs limpy. Come on you can a perfectly set, frizz free hairs with a normal oil too but is that what you want??
2. If used on semi dry hairs, it gives satisfactory result in taming the frizz and smoothing out.
3. its good as a pre-wash conditioner. Give a good massage on scalp and spread all over the length; leave it overnight. After wash your hairs are soft and smooth but not free of frizz.
In terms of nourishment, i could not find any major difference in my hair quality as i am using it regularly.

Overall its little better than Mineral oils available in market and does not deliver as expected. An Average Product!!


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