Friday, 25 July 2014

Patanjali ALOE VERA gel and a Mini Facial at Home

Hi Girls!!

What do you eat?
Where do you stay?
What is your Age?
These questions answers a lot about your Wellness and Beauty. So a nutritious balanced diet and that too on time is vital for your body needs and obviously shows up on your face too. Climate and local weather does have a significant impact on your health and reflects immediately on your skin. And Age...hormonal changes during various stages of your age drastically changes you and your health.
I had the Driest skin till my mid twenties and after that it suddenly transformed to extremely oily one. I never saw a single acne or pimple all my teens but now...i keep looking for solutions and remedies for them.
Now diet i wont disclose that....
But in all these some where your remedies and skin care routine plays an important role which can never be denied.
  • Effective Cleansing with toning and moisturising
  •  Exfoliation at regular intervals
  • Continued use of Sun protection
  • Over night care for better healing and repairing
  • Massaging for better blood circulation
  • last but not least using safe and chemical free skin care products (as much as possible).
One of those options is Patanjali - although i dont think that they completely chemical free but still quite safe & a lot more effective. I have been using one their most popular product- Patanjali Aloevera Gel

Product Claims- it claims to safeguard and maintain the natural beauty also removing the dark pigmented spots.

Product Packaging- Simple packaging. I like that its a see-through transparent tube with label prints in Green and orange. it has a flip cap with a narrow mouth to control the amount squeezed. its tight and can be easily carried in bag. No hassles of spillage or breakage while travelling.

Quantity and Price- 150 ml at 75 INR, Good quantity for an affordable price.

Texture and Fragrance- Its a transparent gel with light shade of green and it has an artificial fragrance which is not bothering but still i do not like artificial fragrances...if possible natural Aroma or no smell. Artifical Fragrance suggests presence of chemicals too.

Ingredients- As i said apart from Aloe gel permitted colors, Fragrance and preservatives added.

My Experience- its a smooth gel which spreads easily and a little quantity is required to cover the face. I have used it as a moisturiser, overnight gel, burn healer, tan soother and a massage gel and i must say it works pretty well. it imparts good hydration and nice glow after massage or if kept overnight on face. it has soothed my burns and at times tans too but was not very effective in removing dark spots (may be because i had deep acne spots which usually takes long to remove). it also conditions your hair well if applied alone or with a deep conditioning mask. i have used it as base for some of my remedial packs and masks. 

You can find one of my HOME MADE recipe using this gel here.

Overall its a multi-purpose MUST HAVE product which quite easy on your pocket too. HIghly Recommended.

Now i would like to share one of my tested & tried facial at home using this gel.
1. Cleansing- you may use any of the Patanjali Face wash. One of my favorites is reviewed here. Do not just wash but....Massage the face wash for a min (circular motion) and then wash your face.
2. Scrubbing- I usually use Orifame scrub with this. Reviewed here. Give a massage for atleast 3-4 mins but with light hand. You don't have to try hard. This actually helps in imparting that healthy glow to your face.
3. Facial Massage- Use this Patanjali Aloe Vera gel and apply substantial amount on your face and massage well for at least 8-10 mins. if needed, use aloevera/amla juice from patanjali instead of water for better movements. Then wipe the face with tissue, do not wash.
4. Face mask- Use Lotus de-tan Mask or Himalaya Neem pack. (review yet to come) Keep the mask on face till it completely dries. Wash the face well.
5. Toning- never skip this as its integral part of your facial. Use Rosewater or Ice Cubes for toning. 
6. Moisturise- of course last but not least- a serum or cream as per your skin type but make sure to use an spf one.

Also if possible do not go out for next 2 hours. So i usually do this facial at night (saturdays usually so that other i can notice that glow!) This facial would suit all skin types but is great for oily/combination skin. 

Try this and tell me how it was???


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