Friday, 18 July 2014

Loreal Paris SMOOTH INTENSE- Instant Smoothing Serum for Unmanageable Dry Hair

Can you imagine a Beautiful woman without hair......its hard to believe. 
However beautiful a women is, she has to have hairs as smooth tresses are inevitable for beauty...aren't they?
Although i have long pretty curly hairs but always keep struggling BAD HAIR Days as i have extremely dry and frizzy hairs. Although i love my curls but wish them to be manageable and frizz-less.
My search leads me trying some reliable brands at times ( as im quite scared to try every other brand which comes my way).One of those reliable brand is LOREAL. 
Last year while travelling i was looking for a temporary solution to tame my flying tresses...i got this Loreal Paris SMOOTH INTENSE- Instant Smoothing Serum for Unmanageable Dry Hair. Name itself was intriguing for me and the SA gave good references too so just thought of trying. Since then i had a love-hate relationship with this. 
Lets see how- 

Product Claims- 

48H Manageable hair
Texture and shine of your hair is instantly renewed
Immediately your hair feels smooth, silky and manageable
Test conducted in laboratory after application of Shampoo, Conditioner, serum Vs Ordinary shampoo
Directions for Use- 
Apply onto washed and dried or dry hair.
To pour, Flip open the Cap
Pour several drops of serum onto the palm of your hands (for longer hair, more serum may be required)
Rub hands together and distribute evenly along the length of the hair
Do not rinse out.

Product Packaging- This comes in Golden yellow opaque plastic bottle with a contrast Maroon Flip Cap. Sturdy and easy to carry for travel.

Quantity and Price- 100 ml at 245 INR, reasonably priced.

Texture - Smooth Watery and non- greasy. it gives good coverage as my average length hair needs 2 coin size (5-7 ml) amount max.

My Take- Initially when i started using this, i noticed not much of effect on my hairs. Later on i made sure to follow instructions and use on towel dried hairs and gave it complete cover from top to bottom. it worked. it smoothens & detangles your hair (as my natural curls were also removed, which i didn't like) but it did not worked on my Frizz also it fails to work in high humidity or can say monsoons. So skipped using it but since last month i was over with all my serums i started using it again. At times i apply this on dry hairs too but does not help much in styling too.

Overall it is good for normal to little rough or thick hairs but people with extreme dry, thin, unmanageable & frizzy hairs may skip this.

What is your view??? have you tried this??? Do mention your hair type too.


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