Tuesday, 29 July 2014


ITC  emerged as the country's one of the leading FMCG mrketers in a very short span of time with renowned brands like Fiama Di Wills, Vivel, Vivel Cell Renew, Engage and Superia in the Personal Care products segment.

it has recently launched a whole new & unique range of Deo's positioned as ' couple Deo's'. +Engage deo offers an invigorating range of deodorants comprising three pairs - Rush (Male) & Blush (Female), Mate (Male) & Spell (Female), Urge (Male) & Tease (Female), Frost (Male) & Drizzle (Female) and Jump (Male) & Trail (Female) - expressing the inherent need of couples to Engage in playful chemistry.

Engage for men have a bold, modern look and has been designed in classical black with a tinge of effervescent colours. The range for women are in bright hues of Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green on a can shape designed with contemporary feminine patterns.

Engage in RUSH & BLUSH

Engage in SPELL & MATE

Engage in TEASE & URGE


Engage in TRAIL & JUMP


Engage in TEMPT & FUZZ
Product/Brand Info- 'Engage' marks the Personal Care Business’ foray into deodorants with an exclusive brand. This new range of Deo Sprays for men and women provides 24 hour freshness and has been crafted to enhance their personal grooming and confidence.

The brand proposition of playful chemistry has been complemented with the innovative packaging design that brings alive special couple moments engaging in a new language of love. Packed in shaped cans, Engage introduces ‘Silhouettes’ as its key design component. Embodying the proposition of playful chemistry, the silhouette on each pack illustrates a distinct playful, uninhibited moment couples ‘Engage’ in.

Summers demand so much of our deodorant & perfume stock and you are never enough of the stock you have, isn't it. I saw these bottles on the counters and tried their samples. Engage-SPELL was something nice although i have not seen O'WHIFF & TEMPT as yet but before i try the Men's one i thought of trying the women's edition. 

Product packaging- Tin containers in bright teal blue with a sturdy and easy to use nozzle spray. I liked its spray system which unique, sturdy and break proof.

Quantity & price- 165 ml/110 gms for 165 INR

Contents- Obviously Alcohol as major content, that's the reason these days i prefer & try water based Mists.

My Experience- It has nice Floral fragrance with Aquatic Aroma behind. Its quite refreshing and invigorating but in summers it hardly stays for 3 hours while in Rains you find the fragrance lingering for 5-6 hours. This is overpowering to bother sensitive noses. Also i found the scent on my clothes till long but for me i need to reapply this after 3-4 hours. So you can guess it was over within a month. However No Spell casting :-)

Overall i found this quite GOOD and Highly recommend this to everyone(unless you do not prefer alcohol based ones). I would also like to try the other Fragrances. I have not purchased any of them for my Husband as yet so definitely on my list.


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