Friday, 11 July 2014

Fairness Facial with GARNIER Light 3 in 1

Fairness..not again!!!
This word really hits me. We Indians have been gifted with a nice complexion which highlights our facial features so well yet so obsessed with this word. Malaika Arora, with her chiseled bone structure and her warm complexion accentuating her facial features, proves that. 
I am a big fan of Nandita from 'Earth', 'Ramchand Pakistani'; She is so beautiful and attractive. I simple adore her not only for her acting skills but the way she is associated with the cause - 
'Why fair is lovely'. Read her site here
i would love to associate with such a cause. 

Now you will say then why you opted for and reviewing a so called 'fairness' product. Well i purchased it since i was looking for good scrub and i saw this '3 in 1' tag. So thought of trying this. Actually i skip the info i don't wanna see so skipped that fairness claim mentioned here too.
So lets see- it is about GARNIER Fairness Facial LIGHT 3 in 1.

Product Claims- 

The First Fairness Facial.
Garnier Light 3 in 1- Wash. Scrub. Mask.
1. Wash- deep cleans
2. Scrub- Removes dark (epidermal) cells
3. Mask- instant fairer glow.

Product Packaging- it is an opaque white tube with a screw cap with shades of vibrant yellow and blue color. Travel friendly

Quantity & Price- 50 gms at 99 INR. Quite reasonably priced.

Contents- refer to the pic. Major ingredients like Kaolin, Pumice & Salicylic Acid. But it contains SLS.
Availability- On all retail counters
Directions for use - 

Texture- Thick fluid with coarse blue coarse granules but spreads well and a little amount (coin size) is sufficient to cover the face & neck.

My Experience- I applied it as mask and kept it for it till it dried well and then started scrubbing with little water. After few mins of scrubbing, washed it.
It cleans well and pumice particles scrubs well too without being too harsh. No drying or stretching of skin. it exfoliates dead cells but fails in removing stubborn black/white heads. It smells quite weird like chemicals which is difficult to tolerate initially but later fades as it dries. Still i think people with sensitive noses will not like it. Could not find any such glow like that of post facial ones. Works on male & female skin both (tried this on my hubby too) Since i have oily skin i didn't felt any drying nor did it gave any break outs but dry skinned ones may need a moisturizer.

Overall its a nice product for all skin types. Must try.

Take Care....(as says Garnier)


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