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Bake your own Cake and have it too, on Gangwal Foods Readymix

Hi Girls, 

Its Christmas around the corner, celebrations have started and everyone is geared up their own way to celebrate and have fun. The word christmas flashes so many things in my mind- white sparkling snow, Santa and his Reindeer Sleigh ride, gifts, and that Christmas CAKE.
but this #Christmas we wont wait for #Cake, we will bake and have it too.....
We all might not be good at cooking and baking but i bet you will surely be applauded for this Seasons' cake.

I am sharing Gangwal's Instant Mix Vanilla eggless cake from +Gangwal Flour Foods - an eggless recipe for vegetarian cake lovers. Something you can try without any apprehension and excel.

Product Description- 
Indori Ishtyle- since the company's #Gangwal foods have Indore as its origin. #Indore, known for its gourmet recipes and #people who love food.

Cake that make you say Yummm...
Ready in 5 Minutes
Light, Tasty & Spongy
with perfect crumb
can be served myriad ways...

Quantity and Price- 
200gms of the mix at 60 INR (comparatively inexpensive with other brands in the market). Available at all retail counters but not sure about its online availability. Can inquire at

Key Ingredients- 
Sugar, Wheat Flour, Milk Solids, Baking Powder, Vanilla Essence, "Contains artificial Flavouring substances"

Product Packaging- 
Comes in carton pack with the mix separately packed in a transparent poly pack. With Cooking instruction step by step on its back along with ingredient, Calorie, expiry and other relevant information.

My Experience and Cooking style- 
I have tried this Cake mix several times and never had a bad experience till date. The preparation is foolproof-awesome and finger licking cake everytime
I have myself tried some of those myriad combinations i can like Banana Cake, Marble cake, Pineapple cake and this time i got success with apple cake too. 
Sharing my preparation of Apple cake with this cake mix
you need- 
1. Apple - 1
2. Gangwal ready mix- Vanilla -1
3. Sugar- 1 cup
4. Milk- 120 ml
5. Ghee or Oil- 40 ml/Butter- 40 gms
5. Cinnamon Powder- 1/4 tsp
6. Nutmeg Powder- 1/5 tsp

Lets Start it now- 
1. Peel & Grate apples and mix cinnamon & nutmeg powder along with 4 tsp of sugar.

2. Cook the apples in Microwave for 1 min.
3. Mix Ghee/oil in apple syrup

4. Add the mix to this Apple ghee syrup, mix well

5. Now start adding milk and mix properly so that batter is smooth without crumbles.

6. Mix till its gets dropping Consistency
7. Grease the cake pan and put the batter in Microwave (as per given instructions on the pack)
8. Your Fluffy, spongy cake is ready in 5 mins.

Lastly make a sugar syrup with 3 tsp of sugar and spread o hot cake so that it soaks it well.
and here it is to eat.
Believe me, it smells and tastes Yummmm
You can see...i could not take a full cake pic and my kiddo started with his feast.

Decorate it as you like with Chocolate or Maple syrup or Strawberry hot syrup and serve it.

Overall a nice Ready solutions for who wanna enjoy cooking without being expert in it. Also its so easy and fast that you dont need to take care of specific measurements and cooking is hassle free.

Do tell me what is your favorite recipe for Christmas. 
Whats your favorite Cake recipe? 
#Happy Christmas


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