Friday, 26 December 2014

Day & Night- Body Lotions from Vaseline

Hi Girls,

I am trying possible all kinds of Lotions, potions, oils and what not, this winter. Believe me indulging in self pamper is so much fun! One thing which i have read and understood that proper cleansing & scrubbing along with a daily dose of added mositure is a must these winters. Dry. patchy and Itchy skin is something you cant move with. So pamper yourselves my way.

Today i am again sharing my Day and Night Body Lotions from +Vaseline 
For Day- Vaseline Healthy White spf 24
For Night- Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow

Product Description- 
Vaseline Healthy White spf 24- With SPF 24, this light body lotion, gives you fairer skin and also protects you from the harmful effects of the sun.
Available in - 300 and 100 ML packs

Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow- With pure Cocoa Butter and Stratys 3 Multi-layer moisture,Cocoa Glow lotion leaves your skin feeling healthy and glowing. This rich feel formula ignites skin’s natural glow at the source.
Available in - 300, 100, 40 ML packs

Price and Quantity- 
I got 300 ml of Vaseline Healthy White spf 24 at 240 INR (with some free offer too) while for Vaseline Cocoa Glow i had to pay INR 220 for 300 ml. Quite easily available all across India on retail counters and online as well. You buy it here & here.

Product Packaging- 
Both of the lotions are packed in a opaque plastic rectangular bottle with flip open caps. Bottle is sturdy and can also carry small packs while travelling, its a must for these winters.

Texture and Fragrance- 
Vaseline Healthy White spf 24 has a pleasant smell which is not strong enough to bother while Vaseline Cocoa Glow has a yummy cocoa smell which you will love and keep slathering like me.
Both are quite thick but Cocoa Glow is thicker as obvious from name. Healthy white is pinky white while Cocoa glow is coffee cream in color.

My Experience- 
I usually apply loads of Healthy White spf 24 during the day after bath and before leaving home. it imparts required hydration plus benefits of sunscreen for all seasons. Not sticky or greasy to irritate and spreads well. But if you think it can replace your daily sun screen, no it can not. Do not forget to apply the sun screen too. It helps in giving complete sun protection as Healthy White is not enough. But for hydration, its good.

Cocoa Glow is something i can slather on whenever i am free and have time to pamper my skin. But yes i do not forget to apply this every night on entire body. it really helps and keeps you free from dryness or itchyness. Its not at all greasy or sticky but thick enough to provide added moisture. Its well absorbed soon after application. I love love the smell. 
At times when i am short of time, i use it as after bath lotion too, replacing my after bath oils. 

Overall its a MUST for your Winters and can try the variants for other seasons too. Highly Recommended.

My Rating- 5/5

Which your favorite Body lotion for these winters?? tried any new brand??


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