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Shopping from and my Mini organic haul!

Hi Girls, 

I am getting addicted to online shopping, not because its a trend but because of the ease of having access to so many national and international brands along with having a chance to grab them at an attractive offer too. Not only that, wherever i am sitting, it just reaches my doorsteps and no hassles of visiting so many counters and tolerating those arrogant shopkeepers on asking for varieties or options- 'We have only these, wanna have them? or Go...'

While looking for organic & herbal products and some essential oils, i came across
its a online shopping site delivering Organic/Natural/herbal products under various categories.

Shopping site Review

About the Site- is about delivering joy from nature to your home. With over 150 brands and 10,000 products we are the largest online player in India in Natural/Organic space. aims to make accessible some revolutionary natural products that will significantly enhance your well-being and the quality of your day-to-day life.  This could be through products related to:
- Household cleanliness - making your household free of all unwanted flies, mosquitoes etc leaving it healthier
- Personal care - ensuring that your hair, skin, eyes etc glow at their very best, leaving you feel fragrant all day long
- Foodstuff - that would make you feel as perfect internally as you would externally through our personal care products
- Books - that would elevate your appreciation of self, and help you gain better control of your being.

I was focussing on Bath & Body products along with some essential oils too. I got several options and chose some new brands which i had not tried so far. Since it was GOSF going on, most of the sites had luring offers and the more i compared, the more i was confused. But this site was not giving any GOSF offers , maybe because they already have reasonably well priced products.
Thought of giving other sites a try too, i decided to shop for my Bath & Body ones.
Finally I placed my order on Joybynature on 10 dec 2014 and got the confirmation same day.

Age Repair Firming Oil with Grapeseed & Avocado Oil for Rs 280.00 each from Aura Vedic
Skin Polishing Scrub for Rs 185.00 each from Vedantika.
Citrus Burst Exfoliating Shower Gel for Rs 165.00 each from Natural Bath & Body

Shopping site Review-order placed

Later i got a call from Joybynature telling that one of my ordered item- Citrus Burst Exfoliating Gel is out of stock and the representative suggested options instead out of which i settled for 
Soul Tree Amla Aloe Shower gel for Rs 250 each.
I was happy to receive my order on 17 Dec 2014 (the 7th Day) organic haul

I got all my orders intact wrapped in a bubble pack. No spillage or breakage.

Vedantika, Soultree, AuraVedic Haul from

All what i liked about the site - 

  1. Several categories to cater - Food, Beauty, Health, Home Care, baby care, Yoga, Clothes etc
  2. Primarily focussing on Herbal/Organic products
  3. Products are reasonably priced with good discounts & offers (compared to other sites)
  4. Page Navigation is quite easy & user friendly
  5. Separate Page for PATANJALI for patanjali loyals and for Foreign residents.
  6. They have 'Home Remedy' section which i really liked.
  7. Prompt Services (confirmation of order till delivery), I liked that their representative called up rather than just shooting a mail and suggested options keeping my preferences in mind.
  8. They Ship National and International too. Free Shipping above 449 (what more can you ask for)
  9. You can place order on phone too - thats something good for people who are not net/computer savvy.
  10. Payment option of COD too with out any added charge.
What i disliked- None.
Infact i would love visitng and shopping from the site often.

Overall Good site to shop for Natural or Herbal products. encouraging you to have a natural chemical free lifestyle. Highly Recommended!

My Rating- 5/5

Update (May 2015)- recent few of my transactions from has been not very joyful. Reason being they are usually out-of-stock which is not displayed on their shopping board online. Customers orders and ends up getting either a wrong item in place of the item not in stock or the buyer is forced to place another replacement. Its annoying.

Have you ever shopped from how was your experience?


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