Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Kill two birds with one stone- dry up your nail paint and strengthen your nails too

Hi Girls, 

Today what i am sharing one of the unique kind of formulations in the cosmetics world. I am saying this because i have not heard or used a similar kind of product so far.
I am talking about Oriflame Beauty Quick Dry Drops from +Oriflame India . As the name suggests its a 'quick drying' formula for nail paints but it serves another purpose too, Lets see how-

Oriflame Beauty Quick Dry Drops Review

Product description and Claims- 
Nails are touch-proof in 60 seconds
Helps prevent smudging, scratching and dents
Shea butter helps condition nails 

Oriflame Beauty Quick Dry Drops Review

Quantity and Price- 
You can buy this online or through a Oriflame representative but not easily available all time. 9ml for 349 INR approx.
Key Ingredients- 
Product Packaging- 
Packed in small white opaque plastic bottle with a nozzle dispenser like nose/eye drops bottle. Quite sturdy and easy to carry in your bag. No spillage or vulnerability to breakage.
Its runny like water and transparent with no color or smell.

Oriflame Beauty Quick Dry Drops Review

My Take- 
I ordered this long back, probably more than a couple of years ago. i use it when i am in hurry or my nail paint is taking too ling to dry up. You just need to spill a drop of it on your nails after applying nail paint (keep your nails little slant so that it spreads quickly). As soon as you apply it gives a cooling sensation and gone! your nails a dry within next few seconds and a smooth finish on your nails too.
Yes it also prevents that scratching, denting of your nails even if you are wearing the paint or not. its kind of protective and conditioning coat. when i am not applying any paint, i just apply the drops and it really works although the effect is temporary for few days and you need to  reapply for continued effects. But i loved it. Also the quantity given lasts long as you need only few drops every time.

Oriflame Beauty Quick Dry Drops Review

Overall Highly Recommended product for your nail care, go grab it.
My Rating- 4.9/5 (-1 for availability issues)
Have tried this or anything if this sort for your nails?


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