Monday, 16 June 2014

Home Made- Face and body scrubs for monsoons

Hi all,

 i am back with some home made recipes for SCRUB. These scrubs are meant especially for monsoons. lets start- 

1. Lemon Honey Scrub- it is good for face and body both. i have been using this every summer and monsoon and believe me guys, its awesome.

              1. Lemon juice- 1 tsp
              2. Honey - 1 tsp
              3. Crushed Sugar (brown/white)- 1 tbsp
              4. Olive oil (people with oily skin can skip  or replace with jojoba oil)- 1/2 tsp
              5. few drops of lime/orange essential oil (optional)
              6. Milk powder- 1 tsp
              6. Soap nut liquid - 1 tbsp.
Mix all the ingredients well except soap nut solution. Keep mixing the soap nut solution in drops while scrubbing.

Lemon juice effectively cleans, brightens and also lightens pigmentation or dark spots. it is a natural bleaching agent too.
Honey- is a natural antibacterial agent which cleans and hydrates skin well.
Crushed Sugar- solid crystals can be harsh so crush it little in pestle. its a natural scrubber which helps uprooting acne and removing dead cells plus adds moisture to your skin.
Olive oil- again has great regenerative and healing power. its a good anti oxidant too. helps in removing fine lines too. but people with oily skin can replace with jojoba oil (has similar properties as that of sebum)
Essential oil- adds in retaining glow of skin.
Milk powder- to thicken the paste and bind the ingredients well.
Soap nut liquid- natural cleansing agent which adds lubrication to your scrub too. very good in removing acne and oil. above all it is known to cure allergic skin infections too.

i can swear by the effects of this scrub on the skin. its awesome.

Next one is - 

2. Coffee Jaggery scrubMy mom learnt this from one of her south indian friend apart from the famous 'rice ferment scrub'.


  1. Coffee bean grounds (can use Bru one too)- 1 tbsp
  2. Sugarcane Jaggery (crushed or grounded)- 1 tbsp 
  3. Olive Oil- 1 tsp
  4. peppermint oil- few drops
  5. Honey- 1 tsp

Mix all the ingredients well and have the most amazing scrub for your spa at home. Apply the scrub lavishly on your body and sit a while for 4-5 mins. Take few drops of water and massage with circular gentle movements. Rinse well.
Even if it seems drying add little milk power to paste.

Coffee beans are considered to be very good exfoliators, reduces body celliulite, fights free radicals and reduces skin inflammation.
While sugarcane jaggery is too good for skin lightening and moisturising.

Try these and tell me what was your experience. btw what are your favourite Home Made scrubs?????


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