Saturday, 21 June 2014

FIGS & ROUGE- Aloevera & Mint Balm review

Hi dear girls, 

last night when i was trying to organize my make-up and skin care stuff, saw this...... lying ignored (by me) but my kiddo just loves it. Don't know why? never forgets to apply this every night.


Its FIGS & ROUGE- Aloevera & Mint Balm. I got this full size one in my Fab Bag. 

Although used it for continuously for 2-3 months but then got ....better alternatives!!
Thought to share my experience with you.

Company Claims- 
Soothing and protecting. 100% Natural and Pure. Certified organic (which i appreciate). Moisturising with power packed ingredients. Excellent for soothing dry, sore and irritated lips on skin. Intense and Delicious. Petroleum Free.

Company projects it as a multi tasking product good for Lip, face (brows too), hand (cuticles too) and body balm. 
Packaging- a small tin tub, kinda old-fashioned one but looks pretty. sturdy to carry, no matter,even if you drop it...many times, wont even open.

Quantity and price- 17 ml & 549 INR

Availability- can shop at FAB
My experience- when i received this it was start of winters, it was a white opaque thicker than usual balms. it was smooth in application. my lips felt hydrated and stayed longer than usual balms. Had a mild fragrance which i don't remember since its gone now. But later on as climate got colder, it solidified with granules like coconut oil so hindered smooth application. Also got very sticky but provided good base to my lip sticks or glosses.
i started using it during night time and so my little boy too. Tried on my cuticles but could not find any major difference.

Probably because of its natural contents it needs to finished in few months of opening. although it never warns of any expiry. its good that its organic, petroleum free but still Improvement is quality is needed, specially stickiness. Also i prefer retractable sticks and tubes for balms, i find tins or tubs quite messy.

Rest is on you guys....International Brand, worth a try but expensive.

My Rating- 4/5


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