Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Current Empties#1

Hi All, 

You all might have understood by now that for me beauty is more being 'myself". skin care  plays a major role in my beauty concerns and just stick to makeup for certain occasions but skin care???? its always on top of my charts. 
Here again its about my recent empties although i had several empties before but never got time  to share. Rather should i say thay in my cleaning spree...they were disposed off. At times my 'boys' also could not understand what i am upto? hoarding or disposing?


lets start with a phataphat crisp review of my empties.....

Biotique Botanicals Bio Papaya Exfoliating Face Wash(60 INR) from +Biotique - Herbal formulations always attract me so just picked it while shopping for groceries from Reliance. This is a nice exfoliator cum face wash with mild papaya-kind fruity smell.  it is a greenish gel with micro granules for mild exfoliation but not too mild. Suits all skin types and does not dry your skin too. Good for daily use also. Affordable & Recommended.

Patanjali Orange Aloe Vera with Neem Tulsi Face Wash(65 INR)- looking into its creamy white texture initially i was skeptical but have finished with 5-6 tubes of the Face Wash till now. This has been one of my summer saviours till now. Very good for oily skin, controls  my acne and sebum production. Affordable and highly recommended for oily skin.

Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub (90~99 INR)- one of the most raved about Face Wash. Yes it completely lives upto its claims of blackhead clearing (actually not clearing but preventing) as it has Salicylic Acid as its content. White lotion like texture with microgranules for mild exfoliation and good for daily use. Does not dry skin and controls both acne and oil production. I absolutely love it and hoard it. Affordable and highly recommended for all skin types.

Everyuth Golden Glow peel off (60~70 INR)- Good peel off to impart immediate party glow but fails to clear dirt and acne. Ok kind, worth a try.


Clean and Dry Intimate Wash (100 INR approx)- i purchased it long back as i am prone UTI's. This is clear gel which is mild to use and helps a lot in maintaining personal hygiene as it cleans well and of course no irritation due to ph balance. Complimented with C&D powder it surely works well. Have been a regular user, especially in rains. Good and highly recommended.


Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Hand & Body Lotion (275~295 INR)- i purchased it combat sun tanning and body moisturising. well it worked as body lotion but did  not worked as sun screen neither was any whitening or brightening effect. OK kinds, can skip it.


Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Alpha Hydroxy Skin renewal Moisturiser (225 INR for 80 ml) from +Lotus Herbals  Very well suited to my combination skin. oil free and light moisturiser, gets easily absorbed on damp skin(preferred way) and imparts a healthy glow, no break outs and travel friendly with sturdy packaging and pump dispenser so no wastage and 100% hygiene. Highly recommended.

Fabindia Vitamin e skin hydrating cream for oily skin (275 INR) from +Fabindia - purchased it before lotus one. its also a light oil free moisturiser with a mild fragrance and never broke me out. Good for oily skin.
I rely only on these two moisturiser for my skin. Do you guys have a better option for oily acne prone skin?

I had some more but i guess it is enough for this time. See ya...


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