Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Stains VANISH-ed from my clothes..

I remember once when i left my ink pen on my bedsheet and then my favorite sheet was never the same again. That large blue stain ....took so much of my mothers efforts but in vain.
After 20 came to my rescue and i don't need to fume looking those stubborn stains on my kid's bedsheet or his dress. How?
Ok lets come back to present day.... you have piling laundries and its your awaited Sunday...given a choice, pamper yourself or just move I need your time (my house screaming!!!!!!).
Dumping your laundries in washing machine with the best available detergent always don't work.
Vanish Liquid Review

This is VANISH Fabric stain remover, safe on colored & whites (as company claims) by Reckitt Benckiser

Packaging- Opaque pink plastic bottle with wide mouth screw cap.
Quantity- 180 ml
Price- 27 INR
Availability- all provisional stores and malls.
Usage Instructions- 
Vanish Liquid Review

Vanish Liquid Review

My experience with VANISH- was satisfied with their VANISH Powder and when i saw the liquid on counter, immediately picked it. When its comes to stains..its the true savior. its a pink liquid with a flowery smell. 
Paan stains, Ink Stains, Grease stains, Haldi (turmeric) stains, oil/ghee stains  you name it and its gone. Once while getting ready for a party i picked my parrot green sari (delicate shiffon with heavy embroidery) , saw a big stain (probably was a fruit juice stain). I immediately applied the liquid and rubbed and it was completely gone! moreover no harm to colour or material. its not soapy or sticky difficult to remove. its all off with wet wiping or water. At times when i find my Whites getting yellow after few washes, i just dip it in diluted vanish solution for an hour or two. it works that way too. 
Very little quantity is required as it spreads well.The only trouble is that it needs to be applied in drops..wide mouthed bottle just wastes the liquid. so i devised a way out of putting the liquid in my empty clean and clear bottle which has a small mouth to pour little quantity as desired. 
Vanish Liquid Review

Well its a must have for your Laundries....Try this.


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