Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Vitamin e- De-pigmentation cream from Fabindia Review

Hi All, 

Looking yourself in the mirror, what is the first thought which comes into your mind?

1. Oh God, im ageing (my open pores, pigmentation, those fine lines) Im still not that Old.
2. Muaaah, you are so pretty, not fair!!!
3. i wish, i could have a rhinoplasty :-P
4. lastly, its all nonsense, I need a new mirror.

Whatever, most of us have this tendency to gaze at mirror, i had this habit of sitting in front of mirror for hours. Infact my aunt had a mirror just opposite to the sitting area in her room and i always used to sit and watch my self for hours. Even if i am in mid of a conversation, i kept peeping into mirror. 

Since last few days my mirror has been very rude to me....probably telling something which i never heard in my teens. but that's the story with all of us. isn't it?
you all might be thinking what am i up to...just a beauty banter.
Ok my post was about Fabindia Vitamin E De-pigmentation cream from +Fabindia 

Vitamin e- De-pigmentation cream from Fabindia Review

i purchased this cream as my husband and my SIL has this severe problem of pigmentation. i was looking for an effective yet some thing safe. Fabindia had this option and when i saw this on their was in my shopping bag.
i introduced this as a part of their night regime to them. lets see how it worked- 

Packaging- Transparent plastic tub with a screw cap and an inner lid. Safe to travel.
Price and Quantity- INR 325 (i got it for 300 earlier) for 100 ml.
Availability- can purchase from Fab India counter or here at nykaa.
Product Claims- 
Vitamin e- De-pigmentation cream from Fabindia Review

Contents- one of the main ingredients is Kojic acid- known for its melanin reduction properties. but it contains parabens. Not tested on animals so cruelty free. 

Vitamin e- De-pigmentation cream from Fabindia Review

Colour and Texture- its white cream which is quite light and is water based. Easy in application and spreads quite easily. very small amount is required for a single application. Either apply it in affected area or over the face.

Vitamin e- De-pigmentation cream from Fabindia Review

Vitamin e- De-pigmentation cream from Fabindia Review

Vitamin e- De-pigmentation cream from Fabindia Review

my experience- in fact my hubby's - as i told its a part for his night care regime (although these men do not have any skin care regime) but its what we insist upon. He applies it after cleaning his face, as thin layer on his face and neck. it took its own time to give desired results but yes its gave an even -ness to his face. pigmentation is reduced to a major extent. 
no itching or allergy noticed neither on me or my husband's face. For me- since i was not regular with it can't say about its effects but did not break me out. Good for oily/combination skin but dry skin people should take a patch test first. 

1. Try and apply this at night as it may make your skin sensitive.
2. Make sure to apply sun screens during the day to prevent further pigmentation or tanning.

Overall for the given price and Results, its highly recommended for oily/combination skin. Suitable for male & female both.


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