Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Combat summer tans with KOZEM Soap

Hi all, 

Today morning i was rhyming.....

Rain Rain make your way...

Cant wait for another day!
We all want to play!!!!

and guess what???...i found a similar version on one of the famous beauty blogs too. I was thinking how come two minds can think so similar? anyways you all would think i will keep on discussing summer and its effects on my skin till monsoon arrives. but i guess this time its toooo hot and also observed that i missed one of my daily routine-Summer savior and got this extreme tanning.....what was that????

This has been an intergral part of my daily regime till last year. I purchased it when i was enquiring for good De-tans in the market. One of the beauty therapist while shopping there suggested to give it a try and i purchased it. Since i never skipped using it. but never paid attention to its results till last week when i visited the parlor and my attendant told me that for the first time she saw such an extreme tan on me. So i got was my HG skin lightening soap KOZEM.


it claims to lighten skin.
Product description- 
Nice carton pack available in 75 gms packing only which costs 59 INR. Patent formula by Nemi Pharmaceuticals and completely Indian product. (that doesn't mean its less than any other exotic counterparts)
On all Drugstores or cosmetic retailers too
Contains Kojic Acid and Vitamin E and details about other contents are missing so can't say whether its contains parabens or not.
Before we go ahead lets know a little more about Kojic acid. Kojic acid is a fine crystalline fermentation by product derived from Mushrooms or Rice malting. it is usually prescribed by dermatologists for dermal applications to cure pigmentation troubles.

it is has multiple benefits for skin but primarily considered to be a good skin lightening agent as it interferes with melanin production of skin. Also a good anti oxidant and hence prevents signs of aging too. it is also an anti bacterial agent and can handle acne blemishes well. Kojic acid creams or soaps can be used on various body parts apart from face to remove hyper pigmentation or discoloration like under arms, feets, hands, elbows, knees and ankles. But yes it makes skin sensitive to sun since it disrupts melanocyte production.

My Experience- 
its an opaque white soap which lathers well but has a weird chemical kind smell (not fragrance) which may bother sensitive noses. I always used to apply it only my hands and legs and after which i layer a nice fragrant scrub. Rubbing both a little and leave it for a minute and wash off. Although there were no immediate results like tanning removal or fading but yes its delivers after regular consistent use. It effectively keeps your skin light, de-tanned & removes long term pigmentation too. Never applied on face so don't know whether would suit or not. but yes it never makes the skin dry or stretchy as with other soaps.

Overall pocket friendly and a good soap for Body. Highly Recommended to all who struggle with tanning but don't expect immediate results like bleaching etc.

Whats your HG De-tan prescription????


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